Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bonus post! On The Darjeeling Limited, progress, a hot bath, and a good idea (not neccessarily in that order)

I know I already posted today, but I had to write about my evening. It was sort of a life-changing thing, in a way. I'm not sure why, and it will probably seem sort of shallow and poppy, but screw it. I feel like a new person.

So we watched The Darjeeling Limited, and like all the other Wes Anderson films, I loved it and The Guy (C., from here on out since I hate calling him "The Guy") was lukewarm, if that. Anderson might be the trendiest director around, but something about the way he sees the world just really impresses me and really affects me.

I have a nasty cold. After the movie, I took a long, hot bath. I lit two scented candles and turned out the light, I threw a bath bomb in the steamy water, and shut myself in with the shower curtains closed. I just enjoyed the experience of being, laying there in the hot water, being glad to have a body. I squeezed out the washcloth and covered my face with it, breathing in steam and easing my sinuses. Every time I lifted the cloth, the smell of the candles wafted into my nose.

This sounds so cheesy as I am writing it. I hate that I am being apologetic about it. (My friend Joel said to me the other day, "You apologize for everything!" I was embarassed.) It just seemed so important, the whole evening, from the time I got home from work to sitting down to watch the movie to taking the bath. I feel completely calm, content, relaxed.

Earlier, it was a different story. You know how when people are sick, they usually lose their appetite? Not me. I was ravenous at dinner time and because I am sick, I didn't feel like cooking. I ate weird food, all processed junk: a Lean Cuisine pizza, some Smartfood, a Kellogg's cereal bar, a pudding cup. But, it didn't turn into a binge. I stopped and remembered my goals, the ones so important to me now. It was sort of a milestone for me.


When I was in the tub, I had a really good idea. I am going to pay myself to lose weight. I suppose it's not a new idea, but I've never heard of doing it like this:

For every pound I lose, pay in $1.
For every five pounds I lose, pay in $5.
For every ten pounds I lose, pay in $10.
For every twenty pounds I lose, pay in $20.

The twist is this: At five pounds, I'll be paying in $1 + $5. At ten, $1 + $5 + $10. Twenty, $1 + $5 + $10 + $20. Then it starts over again every twenty pounds. It's relatively small amounts of money that will really add up over time. (Just don't ask me to do the math for my entire 200 pounds!)

The other twist is, let's say I lose 2 pounds but then gain them back and then lose them again. I'll have to pay twice for those.

I have a little catching up to do for my first 17 pounds, so let's see $1 x 17 pounds, $5 x 3 (5 pounds three times = 15), and $10 x 1 (the first ten pounds). Looks like I owe myself $42 as of today. Man, that's complicated.

I'm going to use a small manila envelope to keep the money in. I'll have quite a bit of cash in the end!


I wish I could explain more about The Darjeeling Limited, but I think I have to think about it some more. Besides, this isn't a movie blog, is it? If it was, I would also be talking about the fact that last night we watched Herzog's amazing Aguirre, the Wrath of God with the inimitable Klaus Kinski in the title role, or The Asphalt Jungle the night before that...

Until next time, my dears.


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