Thursday, December 11, 2008

Going down, down, down, down

I was pleased to see that I am back down to 312-and-something today. Must be all the citrus I am eating lately -- I bought a box of oranges and grapefruit for a fundraiser from a co-worker last week!

I'm lucky to have so many smart readers here -- you all have such great ideas! My plan is to get back to the 310 area (or below, of course) and call The 40 Project about losing 40 pounds in a year. Then, on January 1st, I will start a new blog and new everything else -- FitDay or Sparkpeople, Physics Diet, maybe even a new scale. Yes, definitely a new scale. Now I just need to come up with a catchy title for the new blog, but I have some time. :)

Thanks to you all who are so awesome reading and commenting. I know I say it all the time, but it is true -- sometimes YOU are literally what keeps me going on any given day. It's YOU who makes it so I don't just give up altogether. You help me believe in me, and for that I am forever indebted.



Megan said...

If you move from this URL, make sure you let us know. I read your posts through RSS, so I won't get the message if you just put it on your sidebar.

Lisa aka water_nymph said...

please let me know if you move url's...and congrats on a great and fabulous year!!!


Mrs said...

Keep going!!!

Don't go bonkers over the festive season but just keep going. You've done the hardest bit - making a start.

And keep us posted ...with your new home next year.

Well done!!

Big fat kiss.

Mrs Lard xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Chews to Lose said...

I love the idea of starting a new blog w/ a new "project", ends one phase and begins a new one. Can't wait to read all of the new posts. I'm a new follower, but I've loved reading this blog. Good luck in the new year and congrats on the loss.