Tuesday, June 17, 2008

HYC Check-in

Weight: 309.4
Total Weight loss: 40.6

Heading into Tuesday, this week still feels good. I'd really love to see 305 by the end of the week, but I don't know if that is reasonable. Probably not, but I'll shoot for it anyway, even if it's just for a "blip" like 307 was initially. I am up a little today, but this is the "noise" we talk about over at Physics Diet. I don't worry about small fluctuations. In fact, I'm sort of wondering if I should just skip my daily explanations about what my weigh-in means to me each day; I find it a bit tedious, and since I log my weight every day elsewhere, should I bother doing it here? It's not that interesting. Maybe from now I on I will give a weight report on a weekly basis and talk about any strange or remarkable fluxes then.

So things have been changing slightly since I was on vacation, and since my scale ran out of juice. I realized that I can indeed gauge proper eating without logging my food intake every day, like I had been, and still lose weight successfully and still make healthier choices. It's becoming more natural now, totally done out of habit and desire. I suppose I can try it more loose for a while, and if I start seeing things head in the wrong direction, I can always go back to tracking my food. Then again, maybe I should continue at least until the end of the year and make the most of my Daily Plate gold membership... hm. Things to consider. But, I must say that I like much more not having to obsess so much about what goes in my mouth. As long as I can keep myself honest, I'll see how it goes. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!

I'm heading into my 24th week of healthy habits, a couple weeks shy of six months! In that time, I've lost over 40 pounds, about 22 inches all over my body, and borderline diabetes worries. I've gained a fresh perspective, more energy and strength, and just a plain awesome overall attitude adjustment.


Kitzzy said...

You are doing so great!

I hear you about finding logging food so daunting. I don't mind writing down what I eat to keep myself accountable, but I don't bother with calories.

Hope you have a great week!

Anonymous said...

You've done absolutely great! You'll hit 305 in no time!

Cammy said...

You've done extremely well, and I'm so happy for you!

I think I quit logging every morsel at around the six month mark, too. But like you, I have a firm commitment to myself to start logging again if i see myself heading down an unhealthy path.

Jesse said...

i might suggest logging in a less-detailed way? i find it so useful to go back to a week and even if i can't see cal totals, seeing that i was tired because i accidentally scrimped on breakfast for a whole week, or ate a certain kind of food -- i like knowing those details. you seem well situated in your healthy habits; it could be useful to set a deadline for yourself (say, one or two weeks) to see how not-tracking works for you. without a deadline, lack of tracking could backslide quickly without any barrier to stop it.