Tuesday, September 16, 2008

HYC Check-In: Still Under Limit

Weight: 304
Total Weight loss: 46 pounds

OK, this is much better than I thought, weigh-in this morning. As I stepped on the scale, I was like, "Ugh... probably like 307... be prepared to deal!", so it was no small thrill to see that I am still under 305, my threshold weight over which I must not step.

Today has the potential to be a good one. I started off pretty well with breakfast, just one of my usual from McDonald's: a Fruit n' Yogurt Parfait and an Egg McMuffin with no meat. Lots of protein, this meal keeps me satisfied well into the afternoon. I'm drinking my usual water (it's very rare that I drink anything but water at work), and need to figure out what to have for lunch and maybe even think about dinner.

One thing I really need to do in the near future is start planning meals and grocery shopping. It's a good idea for two reasons. One, planned meals equals a well-balanced diet; two, our budget is going to absolutely require it shortly (I am still working, no worries there -- I just prefer not to go into that particular portion of my life here and now). That doesn't help for today, though. I'll figure something out, but I think I definitely would like a nice stir-fry tonight for dinner.

Oh, and hey! I'd like to thank those of you who were so kind in the comments box yesterday... your thoughtful words really, truly made me feel much better about where I am at now. I am nowhere close to giving up on this, but sometimes it just feels so dire, so impossible. It really helps to have awesome cheerleaders like you. So thanks, BIG TIME.

Maybe this will be a better week. I think it has potential.


Alexia@theonelastthing.com said...

We're doing stir fry, too -- yum!

Lisa aka water_nymph said...

every DAY has potential honey. Every hour, ever minute.

i love your determination!

Felicia said...

The only failure is quiting. No one is perfect. Life isnt perfect. Cut yourself a break and move forward. You are doing great because you are still trying. As long as you do that you will always be a success!!

Have a wonderful day!