Monday, September 29, 2008

Staying Accountable

Sorry -- it's like every entry these days reads the same. Still maintaining, not exercising again yet. I have, however, set a new maintain goal. Instead of my threshold being 305 (which I have not hit yet), I'm lowering it to 303. Baby step, to be sure, but something. Honestly, I still desperately want my threshold to be 299 but I really haven't had it in me to get back down that far again. It's so close and easily attainable, though! Seriously -- all I would have to do is really watch the food for a couple days and go on my morning jaunts, and BAM! That'd be all she wrote. Hm.

It's really true, too. It'd be just that easy.

I'm doing fine, still kind of achey all over for no good reason, but I did get some things accomplished over the weekend. I found another pair of pants I can wear that were among a big mess of clothes in the basement, and threw them in the wash. I am still proud of being able to keep off the weight I've lost so far -- believe me, I can gain so much weight so quickly that this is a real, true HUGE accomplishment. I am much relishing in it, even after over a month of staying at around the same weight, weighing myself every single day. Since July 23rd, there were just two days that I weighed in at (just) over 305 pounds.

What, a plateau that I am happy with?

I am still eating more crap than I really should lately, but I am also having these automatic conversations in my head about how much I need to sate a craving, or whether eating a snack at 9pm is prudent... often times I end up making the better choice, and it's not difficult or regretful, which is a very new sensation to me. It feels real, as opposed to put on. I think I made it and don't really have to fake it anymore!

No doubt I will get back to more regular posting again soon. The cool weather approaches (yay!) and I will need something to do to keep me occupied, right?

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