Monday, August 4, 2008

Another Opportunity to Kick A$$

Last week I wrote that my goals were to complete my training week in running successfully (check!) and to keep my weight at or under 300. I am sad to say that on the second count, I did not fully succeed. The highest high was 303.6, and the lowest low was 299.4.Today on my rest day (Fridays and Mondays, btw), I clocked in at 302.6.

I'm disappointed, but also pretty OK with this. Whenever I hit a new, sudden low, the weight plays around a bit. I think this past week has been about not only simple bodily adjustment, but also crazy female hormones, so I am cutting myself some slack. However, I have very, very good feelings about this week. I will be entering week 3 of my Hal Higdon 5K training, and I also feel that I can take my weight down below 300 for good. This will be my focus.

I have to admit that I had a moment this weekend when I just felt like throwing in the towel. It wasn't for any particular reason, but I even declared it out loud to C., whose prompt response was perfect: "You can't give up now, you've come so far! You can do it." Isn't that some awesome support? It snapped me right back into reality, with reality being YES I can do it, and YES I have come so far. Dummy. ;)

Saturday's run was really tough for me. I had accidentally shifted Thursday's and Saturday's run around, so I was doing a 1.5 mile, but man! I had like zero energy. I did end up walking a little bit, but I finished. Here's another reality: you can't always have a good run, and hormones suck. I totally blamed my clunkiness with the hormones. But! On Sundays, a long walk (30-60 minutes) is prescribed. Last week I finally made it over to Devil's Hole Park, which is just a 10-15 minute walk away from my house. The trails there are gorgeous and run right along the Niagara River. Yesterday I made a return trip there, but got a little carried away and walked for just under two hours total, all the way to Whirlpool Park and back. It was pretty amazing. I got a great workout, I really enjoyed it (!) and bonus! Today I am not sore at all. Hiking the park trails will be my regular Sunday morning activity from now on.

Here, for your viewing pleasure, a photodoc of my walk:

Here's an example of the scenery along my regular route. Lots of greenery and shade which makes for a really pleasant run or walk.

Once I arrive at Devil's Hole Park (located just beyond where the first photo was taken), this is the view I am treated with! Ah, breathtaking! I love the sound of the river. Canada's on the other side there, just across the way.

Dun dun DUN! Most of the trail I cover is pretty easy-going, but look at this little downhill treachery! Last week I didn't even attempt to traverse it, but I tried this week and it was pretty all right. You just have to be careful. (It looks much worse in person, btw.)

A little ways down the trail, I am rewarded with the vista at Whirlpool State Park. Believe it or not, I'd never been here before in my life. I feel so lucky to live so close to such gorgeous landscape. Again, Canada's just across the way there! Upstream is the Whirlpool Bridge.

...but then, on the way back I had to go UP that little rocky hill... Turns out it wasn't half bad to climb up. No problem! See how rocky and steep?

If that kind of scenery does not inspire one to get out and move, I don't know what will. I covered just over 4.25 miles on my walk, and I was thoroughly enjoying it the whole time. I can't wait until this upcoming Sunday to do it again! That's the kind of exercise everyone needs. Also, a trek like this really reminds me that I am not just doing all I am to see a smaller number on the scale. I'm doing it in order to enjoy life more, to enable my body to do fantastic things, and to be healthier overall. This thought is what really keeps me going, what keeps me from giving up after having a rough day or week.


Ruthie said...

wow.. Beautiful! what an amazing place to get out and enjoy life.. wow.

glad you didnt throw in the towel..
the hardest part of this whole thing is resolving to NOT quit.

you are doing so great! keep it up!
and dont forget you are an inspiration!


Cammy said...

What a gorgeous walk! If you ever feel like passing it by, think of me and the fact that I don't have anything even approaching that beauty to walk in, and maybe that will inspire you to take advantage of it. :) said...

That is a really beautiful place to run or walk! I can see how you would enjoy going so much:)

I think everyone has those moments of weakness where they feel like giving up, but it's great that you have someone in your life who is so supportive and helps you to see how great you are doing!

Andrew is getting fit said...

I love the route you have. It looks really nice.

Don't give up. It is hard but oh so worth it.