Thursday, August 14, 2008


Today's not half as great as yesterday was. Well, they all can't be, can they?

It's just a blend of various things going on in my life that is bringing me down today, not least of which is my weight and how I have been eating lately. In a nutshell, I'm still playing around with the same 4-5 pounds and I need to get over my evening snacking. It's not rocket science, really. Pretty much if I stop that pesky evening snacking (which I only started doing recently for some unknown reason), I'll probably start losing weight again. During the day I have no problem, and I get exercise in regularly. There's no reason why it shouldn't fall off of me, really.

It's so diet cliche of me, isn't it, to have an evening snack problem? What a mundane issue to have. Fortunately, it should be an easy one for me to address.

All I can say is thank dog I found some exercise that I really enjoy. Running has been my saving grace through all of this.

As for my other problems, I won't go into them here, except that they are really stressing me out and probably not going away anytime soon. So I just have to hang in there and do my best to deal with things and/or find my way through them.

It'll be a busy weekend, so you'll likely not hear from me until Monday... have a fun one!


Kate said...

it seems (at least for me) that stress and evening snacking go hand in hand...

Cammy said...

I'm an evening snacker, too. I try to just keep the right foods on hand, and that helps. If I had someone else here contributing HIS version of snacks, it would be harder to stay within a healthy calorie range.

Boilergrad1993 said...

I've had a HORRIBLE time for the last week with evening munchies...GRRRR!!!

Michelle @ Diary of an Aspiring Loser said...

Enjoy your busy weekend! You'll figure out the evening snacking...and then have to figure it out again. We just shift our "issues" from one thing to another and eventually back again. It's what we're doing the majority of the time that makes the difference.

Debbie said...

evening snacking is probably me biggest downfall, I'm slowly managing to break the habit but it's harder than I thought!