Tuesday, August 19, 2008

HYC Check-In: Holding steady

Weight: 303.6
Total Weight loss: 46.4 pounds

I am still weighing every day, but posting it here just once a week. I'm up less than half a pound from last week, which I consider staying level for all intents and purposes. Part of me is frustrated, but honestly? With the state of my life the way it has been, I am actually quite happy to see that my weight has been stable.

It's been a really hard week overall. I am dealing with a lot of stress, most notably about my stepdad's health being in rapid decline (cancer), my hideous financial state, and (least of all, but still a stressor) getting freelance web design project finished this week (had planned to finish over the weekend but didn't). I won't go into any detail about any of it except that I've been a mess, and totally exhausted.

My eating habits have been... balanced. Balanced, that is, between eating fairly healthfully and fairly crappily. Hence no weight loss, but no weight gain either. I'm OK with this for now, but see myself getting back full-on sooner than later.

My exercising has been... infrequent since my run on Thursday. Friday was my big rest day of the week, and while I had fully intended to do my run on Saturday, I was just too tired after an emotionally draining and long day spent with my mom and at the hospital until after midnight. I didn't get home until 1am. Sunday's long walk was also nixed. I just didn't have it in me, even though it probably would have been good for some stress relief. I did go on a 20-minute bike ride in the afternoon, though, and did get my heart rate up a bit.

I am still very tired, and let myself get talked out of the first run of the week this morning by C., who wanted to spend a little time together since I have been so busy. I think he knew I was vulnerable! On top of everything else, it's PMS time again so I'm getting the drain of that, too. Just great.

All that said, no beating myself up here. Totally cutting slack. I think it's understandable; at the same time I remain diligent in the small ways I feel capable of right now. I weigh each morning, I try to eat as healthfully and reasonably as I can most times, and I do try to get at least a little exercise in when I can (like when I walked to the PO box down the street on my lunch break yesterday, for example). One thing I did accomplish: cutting out evening snacking! It was only a matter of simply not doing it. How novel!

It looks like August will be a wash, but it's OK. C. already mentioned that he is aiming for September to really get back into things -- he's also not lost or gained for the past month or so -- and I will, too (and probably a bit sooner than that).

The point is in the end that it's never too late to keep going.



Cammy said...

Great attitude in a time of such stress! I'm sorry you're going through so much, but you're strong. I'm sure you will figure out a way to get back 'with it' full-time. Meanwhile, i'll think good thoughts for you and your family.

Bella said...

It sounds like you're doing a very good job of managing all the different stress in your life. You've remained positive, and realistic, which is good. I bet if you looked back at your weight before you started this journey, all if this stress would've caused you to gain, so this is big progress.

Good luck with getting things "back on track."

Health Information said...

Keeping our weight in check is a huge challenge all by itself. Then when you add all the stress that life throws us it can be almost impossible. It sounds like you're managing. Keep up the good work and maybe September you can refocus and see more progress. Good luck!

Scale Junkie said...

Its important to keep your attitude upbeat in times of stress and it sounds like you're doing a fantastic job of it. I'm sending good thoughts your way for you and your family.