Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Update: All Is Well

I promised a follow-up to my earlier post (wow, two posts in one day!), and here it is.

Weigh-in, as predicted, was not pretty. It's back up to 305, rats! Ugh. However, my moving average only went up a tad, and I am still down from last Saturday's average (it's a Physics Diet thing, sorry if that doesn't make sense), so that's an upside.

As I said earlier, I wasn't going to let this ruin my mood today, and I am pleased to report that it hasn't. Right after weigh I set down to write little lovey birthday notes to leave around the house for C. to find. I had a good time doing that, and found that it was impossible to feel down after doing something nice like that.

Moral of the story? Redirect your disappointment, frustration, or other not-so-good feeling. Make the decision to bring yourself out of it and into a positive place, whatever it takes. My suggestions:

• Doing something nice for someone else in need and/or deserves some TLC
• Taking a yummy bubble bath (yes, I LOVE baths!) and luxuriating
• Get outside and convene with nature, via gardening, a stroll or jog through the neighborhood, or a leisure bike ride
• Write about it -- get it out of your system!
• Declare the day a "Cutting Slack" day, whereupon you forgive yourself and move on very consciously
• Call a friend or family member and tell them why they matter to you

What do you do to get yourself out of a funk?


Ruthie said...

dont let it get you down.
just keep going.

I am wondering.. do you weigh everyday? i use too and it got to be so frustrating for me i finally went to just weighing once a month.. now.. i never weigh.. i decided it needed to be about how i feel and how my clothes fit.. its a hard process to go through.. its flat out work.

the hard work is sooo worth it!

just keep keep on trucking!

Kitzzy said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better and got yourself out of the funk. Those are all great suggestions.

@ruthie I wish I could just stop weighing myself. I am happy with my weight and am not really obsessive over it, but I want to keep an eye on it so I don't gain again. I think if I didn't weigh myself I'd slip again. But maybe I wouldn't since I am so active and I'd be able to tell if my clothes started to feel tight. I guess I need to just not buy any clothes ever that are bigger than my current size. Maybe I'll stop weighing until my birthday *lol*

Andrew is getting fit said...

Be careful not to do too much with that injury.

Andrew is getting fit said...

Aargh...sorry, wrong blog! I had two open and posted the wrong comment on yours.

Michelle said...

Putting a positive spin on things is the best we can do. In the big picture you are still on the right path. Keep it up!! And thanks for thinking of me :)

Cammy said...

What a lovely way to turn your day around!