Tuesday, August 5, 2008

HYC Check-In: Oh, the Bling...

Weight: 302 pounds
Total Weight loss: 48 pounds

So, I decided to change my bling back to 45 pounds lost and wait on the 50 pounds lost badge. I'm obviously not quite there in full, but it's OK. I will get there permanently soon enough. I think I need to have another massive refocus, it seems to be a weekly requirement. So be it! I am totally refocusing my efforts for a smashing week.

It started off well, I must say! This morning began week 3 in my training, and called for a 2 mile run. After my last run on Saturday that was so hard (barely made it through 1.5 miles), I was a bit leery of this one. I needn't have been, though -- it went well. And though it felt like I was quite slow, I ran at a pretty decent pace for me, just over 17 minutes per mile. Still much better than what I was running while still going through C25K, for sure. And this morning I just realized: I've only been running for just over four months now -- I've made a LOT of progress already. I have to keep reminding myself of that as I scold myself for not tackling the 10K training yet. My 5K training ends in mid-September, so I should start looking for another suitable race to try, preferably out closer to where most of my family lives, so that I have a cheering section and someone to hold my keys and take photos! ;)

In summary, it is a disappointment that I am up a couple pounds from this time last week, but I am still happy with how things are going. Nowhere to go but up from here! (Or down, depending on how you look at it, heh.)

Have a good week, everyone!


Anonymous said...

Look at you a runner. I've just started walking and quite frankly can't imagine ever reaching running status, but perhaps I can. You should be proud of what you've lost and be glad for what you've learned along the way.

Kate said...

:) I can't believe the running! I wish I could do that! Those last pounds (or fracions of pounds) will be gone for good and you'll be under 300 before you know it!

Fabulous @ 50

Cammy said...

GREAT attitude! Silly pounds don't make a difference (well, not a couple of them, anyway). You have made yourself into a runner and that's an AMAZING accomplishment!

Anonymous said...

You'll have that bling soon. But Kudos on the running! You're doing great! It's one of the things I have wanted to try, but keep putting off. Have a great week!

Twix said...

Great job with the running!! :D

I am about the same weight as you and I find it encouraging that yes we can run. I haven't been able to run a mile yet. But reading this I know I can get there!

carla said...

Checking in on you (& those pesky nighttime cravings) and encouraging you to ride that feeling of *overall happiness* with how things are going all the way d-o-w-n the scale.