Friday, May 16, 2008

35 pounds down, 10% of my body weight

Weight: 315.0
Total Weight loss: 35 pounds

Quick, quick! The header says it all. I'm psyched that I finally reached this double milestone. The next one is just five pounds away. 310 pounds is where I started the last time I lost a significant amount of weight, about sixty pounds five years ago. Sadly, I gained it all back plus forty pounds.

I biggest wish is that I don't make the same mistakes that I have made in the past, this time. I am very determined NOT to let that happen.

My next big NSV I am shooting for is continuing my efforts beyond six months, then eight months. I think at six months last time, I started petering out, not being as mindful or diligent. After about eight months, it was being thrown out the window, pretty much.

Last time, the only goal I had was to make the number on the scale go down. This time, I have running on my side, not to mention the real threat of getting older and less able to spring back from illness. Now, I want to try training for a marathon. I want to be better equipped to fight off whatever comes at me, health-wise. I want to give myself the chance to live a long, quality life. The number on the scale is not the priority, and I think that will make all the difference in my chance for success.

It's Friday, and it's a good day.


Cammy said...

It's a VERY good day! Congratulations on this milestone! Love the new badge and, even more, the happiness and sense of accomplishment I see in your words. Good for you!

Have a great weekend!

kickpleat said...

congratulations amy!! it's definitely a good day!

Elaine said...

Hey, it's almost 6 months already, and you are still going strong. You can -- and will -- keep going, I know it! And we'll all be here to cheer you on. :)

Lisa aka water_nymph said...

YOU DID IT!!!! 10%!!!! WOOHOOOOO!!!!!

good for you!!

Michelle said...

I think you are very smart to be thinking about keeping the weight off. The hard, painful reality is that the vast majority of weight losers will gain it back. I've done it myself, twice. I'm focusing on the same things you are, the fitness stuff and the time commitment and trying not to focus so much on the scale. Congratulations on your 10% and congratulations for making the lifestyle changes that will lead to long-term success!

Hanlie said...

Well done on the loss! Keep it up!

Bella said...

Whoooo Hooooo!!! Good for you. Losing 10% is a great achievement. I'm so happy for you.

Rose said...

OMG... that's awesome!


MJ said...

WTG on the 10%! That's awesome! I reached "35 pounds lost" today! It feels great!

I might have to check into the Couch to 5K. I know other folks are doing it. I'd just like to run a 5K once in my life. Maybe I'm about ready to make that a goal!

Thanks for the inspiration!