Monday, May 19, 2008


Weight: 315
Total Weight loss: 35 pounds

I guess it was a busy weekend! Nary a post to be seen from this gal.

There's a lot to say, but I will just summarize quickly with the hopes of more details later.

• Dr.'s appointment went well. My numbers are good, except for high triglycerides and low vitamin B-12. I'm getting injections for B-12 and have been given a prescription for some cholesterol medicine (though hopefully that number will go down as I continue to eat more healthfully and lose weight, but the doc just wanted to be more proactive about getting the number down. 245, btw, pretty high.

• The scale reading showed 312 on Saturday! *gasp* Didn't last, though. 314 on Sunday, 315 again today. I'm still happy. I don't know where that big drop came from, as I didn't do anything drastically different. Nor over the weekend to cause a gain, so I think it's just funny body adjustments going on. No big deal. It was fun to see such a low number so unexpectedly, though! :)

• The weather was crappy all weekend, and I actually ran in some drizzle on Saturday morning. It was a 25-minute run, but I ended up doing 28 minutes, just because it felt good. Unfortunately, as soon as I started walking into my cool-down, my right knee got a sharp pain, something I haven't experienced before. I iced it a bit, and laid off any leggy exercise since then. It's been OK, but still occasionally hurts. I plan to do my next run tomorrow, but I hope it goes OK... I really, really don't want an injury that will preclude my training! No no no! *fingers crossed*

Your advice on this is welcome.

• We rearranged the bedroom yesterday evening, on a whim. I didn't think it was going to work, but holy cow did it make the room so much nicer. I still have some junk to put away in the attic, and I need to get some nicer window treatments, but !!! Love. Also, it was a good workout. Not just moving the bed, but also cleaning the room, and finally removing the ugly curtain rods and mini-blinds that were in the windows... not as easy a task as one might think. Nay, I sweated and toiled. It was good.

Too bad that our new bed (well, we bought it new last summer when we moved) just really does not "go" in the room. It is my fault -- C. wanted to get another one that I also liked, but I thought I liked this one more and so that was the one we got. From now on? Trust C.'s judgement about such things.

So there you have it, in a nutshell. A good weekend! It's Monday, but I don't mind. This coming weekend is a long one (Memorial Day here in the States), and the weekend after that marks the beginning of a fabulous11 days off! I can't wait. I really need a vacation.


Elaine said...

I don't know anything about running specifically, but I hurt my knee a few years ago in a biking accident. (Spun out on wet leaves! In my own driveway!) It's still a little goofy -- arthritis (!!!!!) apparently -- makes creaky noises on the stairs, sometimes hurts/pops.

When it's doing badly, I take naproxen sodium (aleve, etc) to reduce the swelling and it helps a lot. That might help for you.

And if it goes on for very long, a doctor's visit might be in order. See if you can get physical therapy; they'll set you up with exercises to match your needs. My thing is that I need to strengthen my quads, so they help hold my knee in the right position.

Cammy said...

Congrats on ALL the great numbers. Sure the tris a little high, but I'll just bet you will get that under control soon!

I wish I could help with the knee pain. Fwiw, it sounds like you're doing the right thing with ice and a little pampering. I think you're very wise to ease along here for a bit.

have a great week!

Michelle said...

Keep it up and you'll see that number again very soon on the scale, and then a bunch of smaller numbers will follow! All I can say about the knee is treat it gingerly, knees need TLC.


Lisa aka water_nymph said...

sounds like a great weekend!! as for the knee..yah be careful ok? RICE - rest, ice, compression, elevation...

LOTS OF GOOD STRETCHING, before during and after!!!

and if it "talks" to you again, i'd suggest swimming and walking until a doc takes a look at it:)