Thursday, May 22, 2008

Oh, Woe is Knee!

Weight: 313
Total Weight loss: 37 pounds

What a strange day. Strange night? I ended up going to bed at 8:30 last night, and slept until about 6:30 this morning! Wow! I guess I needed the rest.

Well, that gave me some extra time this morning, as I didn't have to leave the house until shortly after 8:30. I planned to get to work a little late in order to get another vitamin B12 shot at the doctor's at 8:45. I was still feeling miffed about my knee and not really knowing what to do. I said to C., "I'll go for a bike ride." He was like, "But it's wet outside! And you should rest your knee."

"What should I do then?"

"What about sit ups and push ups?"

"Aha. Yes, and I can so some strengthening exercises for my leg muscles."

So, that's what I did. I got on the internets for a minute to find some exercises, printed them out, and did them. It took about 20 minutes, and when I felt satisfied with my efforts, I started to clean the wall-to-wall carpeting by hand. With our four cats, the vacuum doesn't do much help in sucking the fur up. Well, it's just a sucky vacuum period, so the carpet tends to be neglected upstairs. We have wood floors everywhere else.

Anyway, so I was on my hands and knees whisking up all the fur from about half the upstairs area, and the stairs. A whole nother animal came out of that, and I also got a pretty decent workout that lasted about 30 minutes. Housework: the original hardcore workout. I also ended up sweeping a bit downstairs, because once I start cleaning, it's hard for me to stop.

I'm still really sad about my knee, like REALLY sad. I was doing so well, and so close to finishing Couch to 5K! Oh, the humanity! Really upset.

Can you tell, I'm really upset? Yep.


I want my knee back.


Kitzzy said...

Aww, that really sucks about your knee. Are you upset about it? :) Just give it some rest, do some stretching and it will come back to you soon. You can at least walk. I also find that biking isn't as hard on my knees as running.

jesse said...

Walking can be great, too! What it lacks in intensity can be made up in endurance. I might pull off 20 mins of cardio on a machine but an hour-long walk, no matter the pace, is awesome exercise, and much much easier on the joints. I hope your runner's knee goes away soon!

Cammy said...

I want you to have your knee back, too! A lesser person might have just packed it all in and said, 'why bother', so I'm really impressed that you're finding ways to work around the interruption.

::back pats from me::

irunbehind said...

Hang in there with your knee. You know you have really arrived as a runner when you don't throw in the towel with an injury and you tell yourself you will do whatever you have to do to get back to running! Yay!
I've had 3 injuries in the past year and years gone by would have definitely thrown in the towel. I'm still nursing a swelling ankle since my half over a month ago . . . Welcome to running! ;-) That being said, don't let something keep going if you think it needs to get looked at!

SarahJ said...

Hang in there. Do you have a chiropractor? Mine really helped my dad when he injured his knee during stroke rehab. He really helped to hone in on where the injury was and gave dad some exercises to stretch/strenghten it. Oh...and Ice Ice Baby! And down the line? You should make a Getting Fit With Housework Video, featuring the Cat Hair Wrangle. I bet it would be a BIG seller! ha ha. Seriously though, injuries really suck. We spend so much time getting the mind in order to do this stuff, it isn't fair when the body doesn't play along. Sarah