Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Healthy You Challenge Check-In: More C25K Success

Weight: 315.6
Total Weight loss: 34.4 pounds

The numbers on the scale continue to decrease, how lovely! I am keeping up drinking a bit more water than I had been, and making a little change each day. Like yesterday, I just had a piece of chicken breast and some roasted asparagus, but no potatoes like I usually do. I have to say, I didn't miss them all that much. The other food was tasty and filling enough. After dinner, I went on a trip to the library, which distracted me from my usual what-sweets-can-I-have-now fix. By the time I got home, I wasn't even thinking about it. So nice to be active in changing habits. And painless, too. I love books almost as much as I love food, after all!

Now, onto my C25K report, for which I know you all have been waiting for with bated breath.

Today was Week 6, Day 1, the 5-3-8-3-5 sequence, and I am happy to say that it went swimmingly!

I have to say that this morning when I woke up I wasn't sure how it was going to work out. I was still full of aches and pains from my gardening spree on Sunday and felt like total crap. But, I figured I'd get up anyway and at least try a run. If I didn't feel well once I started, I could always stop. It was just the opposite, though -- I felt really good once I got going. I am feeling more and more comfortable in my stride, and the breathing continues to improve. My pace is still around 18:30, so still really slow, but I felt faster and more carefree than ever before. I ended up running 1.7 miles in 32 minutes, which has been pretty typical for me in the past couple weeks, but I took a different route today that included some small hills, so I am probably doing even better than that.

I am not too worried about my speed still. It would be really nice to be able to run a 5K in less than 45 minutes, but I don't know how long it's going to take me to achieve that. At this point, my main goal is to be able to run for 30 minutes straight. Next would be to run 2 miles straight (no matter how much time it takes), then 2.5, then 5K. Finally, a 5K in 45 minutes. After that, just continuing to improve my speed. I am continuing to lose weight so I know that will help, too. I'm sure that a 275-pound me could run quite a bit faster than 315-pound me (where I am at now), and so on.

I plan to run my first 5K at the end of June. Next year at this time, I want to try for a half marathon. A year after that, a marathon. These goals are really helping me to focus on finishing up this program, and to keep chugging along with my weight loss efforts. Honestly? I think running is my magic bullet. No necessarily because it aids in losing weight (I don't think it really does on its own, though it helps for sure), but because of the mental strength it's given me in these past six weeks. I have no doubt that doing the C25K plan was the thing that really propelled me through my rough patches. It makes me feel like even if the scale's not showing it, I am still making progress toward better overall fitness , and that makes it easy to keep going.

It's not just about the scale anymore, not by a long shot.


Lynn said...

Good job! I'm impressed, I have only just started the C25K program, which got immediately derailed by injury followed by illness, but I'm hoping to be back at it by next week.

Congrats on your loss!!

And I really know the feeling of strength you get from doing something you didn't think you could do! Isn't it lovely?

Kitzzy said...

Congrats on your continued weight loss and increased fitness. Making those little changes one at a time is definitely the way to go.

I have a sweet tooth also and what I do is get low calorie snacks so I can still get my fix but control the intake. Nabisco sells lots of 100 calorie snacks and granola bars. I also do the same with Skinny Cow or Slim-a-Bear ice cream bars. Just getting that little taste helps the craving and I am starting to crave them less.

I agree that this program is a great confidence booster and has changed my outlook on exercise. When I started my weight loss journey, I was also looking to get fit. I was doing kickboxing because it is fun, but it still seemed like a means to an end. After that 2 mile race, I wanted more and decided to start C25K. Now is not just about losing weight or being fit, is about becoming a runner. I am amazed with my progress and that is very encouraging. It is definitely becoming an addiction and I love it. While I still weigh weekly and I am trying not to take it too seriously because I know I am building muscle and getting fit and can fit into smaller sizes.

I have similar goals to you. I have a 5k in 3 weeks that I am hoping to run the entire thing, even if really slow. At the very least I hope to finish in 40 minutes. If not, I'll shoot to accomplish this by the one in June. I am hoping to run a 10k in October and then maybe a half marathon next year. I also hope to do a triathlon sometime, but I am thinking that it would be best to get really good at running before trying out the other sports. At least I am getting more used to the bike by riding to work every chance I get.

Wow, this was just as long as your post (or longer). Anyway, keep up the great work!!

Elaine said...

"I think running is my magic bullet."

I feel that way about biking. I wonder if it's actively adding something to your life, instead of just taking away.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your loss & your C25k success!

Michelle said...

I think finding fun activity related activities is the secret for all of us. If it's just about the gym for working out's sake then I know I'll stop eventually. So glad you are enjoying the c25k as much as you are. This week is Week 6 redux for me, I think you know I do each week twice but I'm running out of time before my tri that has a 5k in it so I might start Week 7 this week and do all the upcoming weeks twice.

Anyway, always great to read your experiences and thoughts. Keep it up!

One fabulous bitch said...

You're doing great with your running! I think you'll do just fine at your 5K. You'll be so pumped up to be with the crowd that you'll probably run a little faster than you think you will.

Anonymous said...

The c25k program is pretty amazing isn't it. I just love the structure and how it teaches us that we really can do something we didn't think we could do just by taking it one step at a time.
Great to hear about all the successes you are having.

jesse said...

your awesome success continues to inspire me. just wanted to let you i started a new blog where i am writing about a lot of similar stuff on my weightloss journey. i linked over here to your blog since i try to read yours every day, plus i found so many great blogs through your sidebar! anyway, you don't have to link back, just wanted to let you know this is aslant from livejournal :)

radiosilents said...

Ack, so many wonderful comments! Thank you so much, everyone!