Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Weight: 317.4
Total Weight loss: 32.6

Ick, I feel icky today. It's not just the slight weight gain -- which is bloat, I can feel it -- but just blech, you know? I didn't have a run this morning, so I am missing that continuous high throughout the day, and I had lunch out to celebrate a co-worker's birthday. (Lebanese, so a beef shawarma, and some rice pudding, which I thoroughly enjoyed, btw, no regrets.) I'm realizing that the days I don't have exercise in the morning are sort of disappointing, so I guess I need to do something every day. Am I getting addicted to the endorphins? There are worse things, to be sure. I look forward to the time when I will feel safe running almost every day, but for now I am sticking to the C25K plan, so the rest of the month it's three days a week.

Tonight I am having a light dinner, and then I'll be spending time in the gardens some more. I have some plants that my mom gave me from her garden to get into the ground, plus the backyard really needs work, even just weeding and clearing out things for now. Maybe I'll buy a shovel on the way home.

So I think on my off days I'll take the bike out and see how long and far I can go on that.

Blech, bloat and skin feeling stretched out!

Good otherwise.


Felicia said...

Been working a lot in the garden these days myself. Its wonderful isn't it!! Have fun on your bike ride!!


Michelle said...

I'm really enjoying riding the bike. It was VERY hard for me to do more than a short little ride in the beginning but it got easier. Hopefully it won't be so hard for you but if it is, hang in there, it gets easier!

Cammy said...

I know the feeling. I wake up feeling bereft on Thursdays, because that's my rest day. I try to schedule other enjoyable things in that slot, but sometimes, I'd just rather be riding me bike. :)

Hope your day is blechiless today!

radiosilents said...

Felicia: Yes, I actually crave gardening now! I don't know why I hated it for so many years. I am going to try a bike ride tomorrow morning and will give a full report!

Michelle: I'll take the bike riding very gradually. I think tomorrow I will ride the route that I have been running the past couple times, it should be lovely!

Cammy: It's amazing to me that no exercise could make me feel so down, but I love it, too. It looks like today is going to be blech-free. :)