Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ack! Missed HYC Check-in :(

Weight: 314
Total Weight loss: 36 pounds

I totally spaced yesterday on the Healthy You Challenge check-in! Shame on me.

The weight's still coming off, slowly but surely.

The running was great this morning, but not great. Based on my research, I think I have a classic case of runner's knee. The good news is, it sounds like I can help it by doing strengthening exercises for the muscle groups around the knee, and since I was getting new sneaks soon at a real running store, that could help, too. Sadly, for now, maybe the next week or so, I'll take a break from running and pick up where I left off with just two weeks left of the C25K program. It's such a bummer, but best to nip a problem in the bud before it develops into anything serious. Plus, this will be a good opportunity to start doing strengthening work, and the Pilates I've been meaning to do. I may also try to keep walking, and riding my bike. So all is not lost. I guess.

Damn, I love running. Today's run was so, so good up until the 20 minute mark, when my knee just went JAB! and bam, that was it. I was able to walk home OK, and in fact kept up my running pace as a walk! Haha. I think that means that I need to up the ante a bit in my running efforts once I start back in again.Today, I seriously felt so good out there that I could have run for an hour and been OK.

Gotta roll with it, baby. I'm not deterred, not in the least.Just a little miffed.


Anonymous said...

Way to go on not being deterred! Take care of that knee!

Kitzzy said...

That sucks about the knee, but it sounds like you have a good plan. You can probably still walk or very lightly jog this week and then pick up the program next week.

I know what you mean about the speed. I think I walk at the same pace, if not faster, than when I run but I can't really step it up too much and still expect to run for that long. I think that's where the difference comes in.

And congrats on the lbs still coming off!

BTW, I think you can check-in at HYC anytime during the week.

Cammy said...

This reminds me of that classic saying, "You have to spend money to make money." You have to spend the time to get your knee healthy in order to improve your time later. Good for you for recognizing it!

Michelle said...

glad you're taking care of that knee. knees are really key to physical health. and, no, you are not deterred! you rock!