Thursday, May 8, 2008

Back to OK

Weight: 315.6
Total Weight loss: 34.4

Today feels better already. Last night I spiraled even further into a funk and went to bed quite depressed, so I was really looking forward to my run this morning.

It was a GREAT run. It had been raining all last evening and into the night, so it was a nice, cool morning and everything was so rich and lush looking -- really ideal running conditions, if you ask me, ~45 degrees F. I took the same route I did last run, which is now my ultimate favorite. It's very, very rare that a car goes by, the scenery is really nice, and it's a quiet neighborhood. Can you tell I am in love? However, I modified it a little to make it a little longer, so I ended up doing just over two miles total today in 41 minutes (this includes warm up and cool down).

So, instead of doing 10 running/3 walking/10 running, I ended up doing 10 running/3 walking/20 running! It's funny, because the first ten minutes was a bit rough (especially the first five), but the second ten was like a dream really. I wasn't looking at the time at all, and it felt really good, so by the time I did check where I was at, I'd already run 17 minutes! So, I figured I would just go for 20. I like round numbers, heh.

I felt like I was running faster than usual, at least in spots where I actually did see if I could up my speed a little comfortably (I could, a bit), but I was actually a little slower overall than my past few runs, but still over 3mph... I guess because of the extra distance? Regardless, I was really proud of myself and looking forward to all the straight runs coming up ahead. And I totally know I can do them!

Ah, so excited about this, it is such an accomplishment for me. From here on out, my runs will be totally straight running, no walking intervals, and I couldn't be more pleased about that.

As for my weight, it's back down, just as I was hoping. I'm definitely getting to know my body better, and what to expect on the scale based on how it feels. Yesterday was definitely a water-weight gain day for sure. Unfortunately because of the rain, I wasn't able to get into the garden like I planned, and instead spent the evening on the computer and *gasp* watching TV, some real junk, too. It's something I don't do often anymore, and because of my mood I was just going to let myself get a little junky. We did have meatball pizza for dinner (a menu for a new place was in our mailbox, and C. really wanted to try it out), but I ate a reasonable amount, fit it in, and didn't use my wallowing mood as as excuse to gorge myself on food. I didn't even think about it, really. It just turned out that way.

Could it be that my brain is changing its habits, finally?

It feels good to be back to OK. I now know that I need to get exercise in each morning, otherwise I just don't feel right in mind, body, and spirit. Who'd have thunk it?


Michelle said...

I'm really glad you've come out of it. Life goes on even though we're changing our lifestyle, so we still have bad days, bad weeks, and have to figure out how to get through them without too much damage :) Sounds like you are weathering these little mini-storms quite well. Meatball pizza? I've never heard of that. I bet my husband would love it.

I love that we're in the same place with our c25k. It's so fun to read someone else going through the same changes I am with jogging.

Erin said...

Life and especially a lifestyle change is full of funks, but as long as you push through them all will be ok!

Hope you are having a great week!

Kitzzy said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better and had such a great run! Yay!

Hanlie said...

Well you know, exercise stimulates 18 different hormones in the body, which affects brain chemistry. So if you're feeling a bit low, run! The hormonal system also controls your body weight, metabolism, water levels, sleep cycles, etc, so exercise is just an all-round winner!

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Debra said...

Congrats on a great run!!!

Cammy said...

I think you've got it! Congrats on a great run! It's wonderful how it all fits together, isn't it? Have a great weekend!

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