Thursday, May 15, 2008

Back to Where I Started

Weight: 315.4
Total Weight loss: 34.6

Well, OK. I'm back to where I was before this past weekend. It took me most of the week to make up for the damage I did on Sunday. Oh well, at least it was pretty painless. Now that I am not in a race to lose weight this is really inconsequential, though rest assured that I am very happy that I have been able to bounce back from these indiscretions. See, I can have a life and be healthy. What a concept!

I'd just like to tell you something: take away your "due date" on your weight loss. Since I stopped expecting myself to lose 10 pounds a month, and being disappointed if I lost "only", say, seven pounds or five pounds, I've found myself so much happier. And doing all the things I am doing for myself seem so much more valuable somehow. All because I took away what was chalked up to be an unreasonable deadline. Now, as long as I see the trend line going in the downward direction (see on my chart, I am happy, no matter how long it takes to lose the weight I want to lose.

Would I like to be finished losing what I'd like by my 40th birthday? Yes! But, what's more important is keeping up the habits I've developed -- eating more healthy foods than junk, running and other exercise, cultivating a more loving attitude toward myself -- and feeling better overall.

I've honestly never felt quite like this before. It's a huge thing, a real breakthrough.

I had a great run this morning, Week 7, Day 2 of Couch to 5K. It's another 25 minute straight run. I'm pleased to say that my speed has increased to 3.24 mph, just over a 17-minute mile pace. I also covered just over two miles total this morning, including my warm up and cool down walks. Definitely still making substantial progress. It certainly wasn't without struggle, and I continue to talk my way through at spots, but hey! That's what it's all about. That constant challenge to get better. I am so into it.

This afternoon I have my follow-up doctor's appointment. I'll get the results of my bloodwork and my EKG and heart holter tests, and see how I am holding up. I'm really interested (but slightly scared) to see what my cholesterol levels are, especially, and whether I am borderline diabetic or anything. Who'd have ever thought that I'd be excited to go see a doctor? Ha ha!

Also, so far today I've only had to eat fruits and vegetables, along with some yogurt. It feels pretty nice! I can practically hear my body saying, "Ahhhhhhhhh! That's nice!!!"

Yep, feeling the self-love today, big time. Hope you are, too.


Kitzzy said...

This is awesome. I love your attitude. Self love rocks! I know what you mean about due dates. This is why I don't even have an overall weight goal. Well, I kinda do now, but when I started I was just taking it 5-10 lbs at a time because I had no idea what a reasonable goal was. I just knew I wanted to be healthier, fitter, and thinner. I love meeting a goal every month or so, instead of having this never reachable goal. Glad to hear all is well and you are doing great with week 7. I just finished mine and it was the best yet. Now for the 28 minutes on Sat!

Jesse said...

aw, self love! i was just writing about this today, going between the numbers goal and the self-love goal. i too love the physics diet trend line. and i'm so glad to hear you're in such a good place in general! it's so amazing how much can change in a short time, attitude-wise.

Cammy said...

I can't tell you how happy reading this post made me! I love seeing people discover their personal paths to "enlightenment". I'm so glad you found yours!

Anonymous said...

It is so nice to see my bloggy weight loss friend feeling great today. You sound like you are in a GREAT headspace right now and what a great attitude. Just awesome

Em said...

hello, i wandered upon your blog after i got to your post on the 1% well-read challenge. i like your blog and am putting it on my list of blogs that inspire me.

i hope you don't mind. :)