Monday, October 27, 2008

3:11pm Update

I have almost made it through the work portion of the day feeling good about losing some more weight and making the effort to eat more healthfully again. I am really conscious of my mind set and doing a lot of talking to myself. A time like this really benefits from dedicating one's self to taking one day at a time. Well, today I am breaking it up into two portions: work and home. Work is relatively easy to deal with as far as eating the way I really want to eat: I don't like leaving the office for lunch, so whatever I bring with me can dictate what I eat throughout the day. Today I had a bowl of cereal for breakfast, and for lunch one of my favorite starving college student meals: black beans right out of the can and into a bowl of rice, heated together. I didn't even add jarred jalapenos -- just straight. That's how I ate it back then, and it is still good and still filling at under 500 calories. I had a lowfat yogurt for dessert. Eating this way again feels good.

The real test will be at home. I'll be fine for dinner with plans of chicken, salad, and a veggie, but the evening will be telling. I think we are finally out of nasty snacks and I will probably spend most of the night in the basement making some art, but I am still steeling myself for possible slip-ups. I feel that today and tonight are really important as far as how well I can do the rest of the week. It will really set the tone, and I want to do well. I want to see anything below 310 on the scale tomorrow.

Anyway, I wanted to get this out there on the page. I wanted these feelings documented. I want to get back on track more than a lot of things right now. I gotta do good for myself.

Godspeed this evening! Will report tomorrow with results and a report.


Anonymous said...

((hug)) hang tough. Sometimes it's a case of being mindful. That's sometimes the hardest part.

BioGirl said...

I'm so glad you're getting back into things - remember that you did have a trigger that pushed you back into the old ways - understanding how it happened, and developing tools to deal with setbacks in the future will make this temporary weight gain (almost!) worth it.
My trick for the evening munchies (which I've been suffering from big time!) is low calorie hot chocolate..... ~50 cals per mug with some milk added in for that little bit of creaminess - filling my tummy with something fluid somehow stops the other cravings. Also, since it is hot, it lasts longer than 50 cals of anything else would!