Tuesday, October 14, 2008


This blog is getting repetitive and probably not very interesting. Every time I check in with you (if there is still anyone out there, that is), I've nothing new to say except Still hanging in there! Still maintaining!. Today is no exception, I am afraid. I still remain at or under the 303 threshold, which is great, right?

*sigh* Right. I guess.

I am trying to figure out how to get my zing back. I suppose tracking my eating again might do it, or what if I started over with the Couch to 5K plan, just to take baby steps? I can still run a good 20 minutes at a stretch, but why not try something easy that will ensure that I get back out there again regularly? Perhaps I will even improve my running by doing so, even. It's a thought.

I was very happy this morning to try on one of the last pairs of jeans I bought (a size 24, no big deal, but they were always a squee bit tight on me, at least compared to my other pants), and find that they fit me perfectly. For some reason I had it in my head that I wouldn't be able to wear them, which doesn't really make any sense since I haven't put on any extra weight since I first bought them. But you know how the psyche can be, sometimes a little cruel and with rather low expectations.

You know what I would really like? To lose some more weight! I really, really would. I want to see what I will look like with another 10, 20, 50 pounds off me. I want to see how I feel, for that matter.

Lately I've been tired all the time and while I am sure I can attribute some of it to my inability to sleep all the way through a night (thanks, cats! Not!), I think that a lot of it is that I have not been nearly as active as I used to be, and it's taking its toll. That's no good.

Hm. Maybe starting tomorrow I will start C25K again, do it every other day straight through. I'll be all like, "Pfft! This is EASY!" but it will be really interesting to see how fast I can run in those very short intervals.

We'll see! I also dedicate myself to tracking food intake for the rest of the week, no matter what.

Hope all is well with you.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you need a new challenge. Why not forget the C25K and pick a new distance to train for, like a 10 K? There are a ton of training plans around, and you can modify them with your own run/walk intervals (run 9 minutes, walk 1). Increasing your distance will help increase your speed and a new training plan will give you some direction

SeaShore said...

Yep, I sleep better when I'm more active.

That you're still maintaining is great! Congrats on fitting into the new pants, too.

I seem to have lost my zing the last couple weeks, too. I'm going to try the "do it anyway" approach.

Kitzzy said...

I'm still here! :) I think doing C25K for a different goal would be great for you and may be just what you need to get out of this funk. At least you already know you can do it and can work on pushing yourself harder this time. Regardless, I'll continue to watch your progress :)

Felicia said...

LOL I hear you on the "same thing different day". Sometimes I post and I swear I just wrote that a day ago.

I agree about being tired when not active. Are you eating well? That could make you tired too.

Hang in there. You have come a long way and you are making it!!

Have a WONDERFUL rest of the week.

Cloudy said...

You GO girl! Get that momentum back, you are doing great. When you get below the 300 mark you are going to feel fantastic. You can do it!

Anonymous said...

Have you had any blood work done recently? Maybe you should have your thyroid levels checked.

Lisa aka water_nymph said...

its a plateau honey, and i am still here for you, repetitive or not!!!!

you'll get through it, maintaining is awesome especially for so long!! yes, kick it up a bit, mix it up a bit, and find OTHER goals to give you feedback other then the scale!!

you ARE doing awesome and I love reading your blog:)


Anonymous said...

Sometimes it does drag on but these are the most important times to remember to keep at it. Doing what we do is a challenge and hey- we're GOOD at it! You have many friends here to give you a good push if you need one- including me.
Create a new goal. Always have a goal to work towards. For me, I have a big one (the marathon) and all the small ones between then and now (5k, 10k, half etc). Why not work towards running another 5k- and breaking your time?

LisaNewton said...

Contrats on the pants fitting you. Even though you seem to be on a plateau, you could also be gaining muscle which could explain why the pants fit but you don't see a change on the scale.

Kicking up the exercise might help see more results on the scale and get you to a size 22................:)