Friday, October 10, 2008


Yes, that's in ALL CAPS.

I am still here, though it may not seem like it.

I am still maintaining, and last week Thursday I did dip below 300, even! I have remained below the 305 threshold this entire time, and mostly below the 303 threshold... just the past few days have I been playing with 304, which I think is lady-related, if you catch my drift. Because it can't have anything to do with that cheap-o half gallon of ice cream I bought at the beginning of the week that I have been gradually polishing off, no sir! ;)

Note to self: It's still not a good idea to have a large container of ice cream in the house, apparently.

Aside from that, things are things. They're fine. I'm getting out every so often to move my ass around. The other day I managed a pretty decent short run, which was surprising and pleasing. I haven't lost my fight, no way.

Anyhow, just wanted to poke my head in the door and say, "Hi! Thinking of you!"

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