Wednesday, October 29, 2008

One Step Forward, One Step Back

Weight: 308.0
Total Weight loss: 42 pounds

Well, this morning's weigh-in wasn't much of a surprise. I ate well all day yesterday and then made the mistake of waiting too long to eat dinner, which by the time was ready to eat, I was starving. We're good cooks, so the food was very tasty, and I just totally overindulged.

The good news is that we made a stir-fry; however instead of the much more healthy "regular" chicken and veggie one we make, we chose our infamous Peanut Butter Chicken, which, as you can imagine is much higher in calories and everything else. The bad news is that I started out with good intentions and just caved the more I ate. We also had one egg roll a piece (not really necessary in retrospect), and to top it off, I had post-dinner snacks of a leftover biscuit (totally not worth it) and a bowl of popcorn (always good, but I wasn't hungry and definitely didn't need to eat it).

Well, lesson learned. I can't let myself get too hungry, else I am more likely to overeat. The Peanut Butter Chicken could have totally fit in to my plan, but I just ate too much of it. Way too much.

Some real good news is that this morning I went out for another walk even though the weather was the same as yesterday, only even colder. I laid there in bed debating whether to go out, and decided that if I had a dog I wouldn't have a choice -- I would have to take it out for a walk! Surely I myself am as worthy of braving not-so-great weather to get some exercise in, yes? So that's what worked for me this morning. I did a mile and a half of walking interspersed with one-minute bursts of running. I felt really sluggish, though; my insteps and shins were bothering me for most of the walk for some reason. But, I'm glad I got out there and did it regardless. Tomorrow the temperature is supposed to be a little warmer, so getting up and out should be a little easier. Not to mention that starting next week it should be easier, too, with the time change it will get lighter earlier! Being out there in the dark is sort of a bummer -- the whole time I can't help but think about horror movies and serial killers, you know?

Well, today's another day and I got a good start. It feels great to be more active, and to be getting into "gazelle" mode again (yet another Dave Ramsey term -- where you get so intense about achieving a goal, you're gazelle intense!). I just really have to watch out in the evening. A way I have figured out how to solve this is getting away from the TV so much, addiction to That 70s Show reruns be damned. Lately I have been thinking, "Well, the house is pretty tidy, and I don't have anything else that I really have to do right now, so... I guess I will sit on my ass and watch TV all night, as usual!" Ugh. That's got to stop. There are actually all sorts of things I can be doing with that time that would also prevent these evening snack attacks. Stuff like:

• Listing the books I have for sale on
• Going through my CDs and deciding what I don't want anymore, and list those, too
• Make art for my upcoming show in February
• Organize my office
• Sort through all my crafting supplies and decide what stays and what goes
• Strip and refinish that bookcase I garbage picked
• Sort through junk in the basement and clean it out
• Give a good cleaning to all the wood in the house -- floors, trim, doors, etc. (we have an Arts & Crafts bungalow, and it has beautiful original wood all throughout)
• Work on my personal finance plans

See, all kinds of stuff I can do with that time I waste in front of the TV. It'll be good to have this list to refer to when I think I have "nothing to do".

Onward and upward! I remain positive.


s said...

Hi Amy!

I'm right there with you in so many ways.

I am too early on into it to say if it's helpful or any good, but I just started to follow this audio podcast:

It's a bit new age-y but not in a bad way. I think there is a ton of them up on iTunes and I'm only on #2. but I think I am going to go through them. It's free! So far there has been some helpful stuff on there.

It's not food plan specific.
Very good for people like you and I who *know what to do* and * know how* to lose weight, but can't seem to get away from old habits.

radiosilents said...

Thanks for the suggestion, S, I will check it out! I love listening to podcasts at work.

Yeah, I'm going to get there... I haven't lost hope at all but I do have to keep my focus. Willy-nilly worked for a while, but it's time to really back to it intensely again.

Love you!

KK said...

PB chicken sounds tempting! I hate when I get "too" hungry as well. I have learned to carry high protein low cal snacks in my purse to stop getting toooo hungry and then eating too much. Good luck!