Thursday, November 20, 2008

Gym love

Weight: 308
Total Weight loss: 42 pounds

Looks like the weight is holding steady... I must have had a gain yesterday, is all I can think. But no matter. I am happy that it is below 310, and I feel great from my workouts at the gym. This morning's session was great. I had another 15 minutes on the bike (at a lower level so that I wasn't dying the whole time, but enough that I still sweat like crazy) and about 38 minutes on the treadmill. I even tried out some higher speeds this time, maintaining 3.7 mph for a couple minutes, doing 3.2 a few times. The rest of the time was an easy-going 2.5-2.8 mph, but still a very good workout, trust me -- I just kept trying to push myself a little more, go a little faster for longer, go a few more minutes, etc. And I pretty much had the whole place to myself most of the time, except for when my new pal Debbie was there getting her time on the treadmill before work.

My eating has been, I'd say, a 7 out of 10. I've been tracking for the most part, having good breakfasts and lunches, and doing my best for dinner and beyond. Last night I made some sauteed bay scallops (a nice break from our usual chicken) along with our old standby, roasted asparagus, as well as something new -- roasted acorn squash with thyme. Very scrumptious and satisfying!

I'm actually trying to fight off whatever's going around the past couple days... I've had a twinge of sore throat that came into full bloom last night, and some post-nasal drip. But, I simply cannot get sick with Thanksgiving just around the corner! I broke out the Zicam for my congestion last night, which also helped with the throat, and figure that all that sweating I've been doing should help, along with the copious amounts of green tea I am trying to drink. Plus a multivitamin. I just have to keep this at bay. Thanksgiving is my very favorite holiday... so keep your fingers crossed for me that I can get rid of it and ALSO that C. doesn't get it, either. We had a sick Thanksgiving one year and it was just awful.

Here's to good health and a nicely roasted turkey!


Anonymous said...

I am SO proud of you & your new gym routine. You are an inspiration. (did you ever think you would be called an inspiration in reference to gym use?) Great job!


MizFit said...

yep yep gymspiration.

it's all about pushing ourselves harder than we thought we could huh? (and no. Im not just thinking gym...and I need a bit more of that PUSHING in my life :))


Scarlett said...

Great going getting back into it. Just one foot in front of the other, that's all. Awesome work on the treadmill too.

Happy Thanksgiving [whenever that is]! Turkey...mmmmmm...


Felicia said...

I hope you and yours has a wonderful day!!