Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hanging in There!

Weight: 308.4
Total Weight loss: 41.6 pounds

Truth be told, even though I showed a little gain this morning, I am relieved. Once I got home after yesterday's chocolate debacle, I just sort of gave up on the day. Not totally, but mostly. We had chicken salad sandwiches and potato chips for dinner, which would have been OK in itself (though not great, I know), but I continued to snack on the chips, made a bowl of popcorn, and ate some more chocolate. All that considered, I am more than happy with a half pound gain for the day. I didn't even exercise this morning!

I'm giving myself a pass because of my period. Lame, maybe, but I am. It's just really knocked me down yesterday, and I am still feeling crappy today. On top of that, it's finally really started getting cold, and we had the first snow of the season that has stuck. Even after over 8 hours of sleep, I just couldn't force myself out of bed and out for a walk. Just no way.

I made up for it, I think, by stopping by the little no-frills gym that's right on my way to work to see how much it costs and what the facilities are like. Nothing fancy, just your basic cardio and weight equipment, but NO contract and NO crowds. This way I could still get my cardio in, even do add some weight work to my routine, and not have to freeze or worry about slipping in the ice and snow. I was thinking I could just use the gym during the unbearable winter months (late November through mid March or so) and keep doing my outside routine, which I love, the rest of the year. I'll just have to rethink my morning routine, get up a little earlier maybe. I decided, I am going to start tomorrow! Exciting!

Today I have a nice salad fixed up for lunch, plus a Lean Cuisine meal. I'm not sure what the plan is for dinner, but I will have plenty of wiggle room calorie-wise. I want to get back in full gear again!

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