Friday, November 7, 2008

Hard Times

Weight: 310.4
Total Weight loss: 39.6 pounds

Grrrr. I knew this would happen, so it's no surprise once again. Yesterday's eating was just totally in the toilet... BUT I figured out that yes indeed, the PMS monster is in effect which explains part of my problem as far as wanting to eat the whole universe.

I just feel like a big YUCK! Blech. Last night I had some wicked heartburn for the first time in a long time (that's my body trying to tell me something!), and just felt tired and mopey. I went to bed very early and still had a hard time getting out of bed this morning. I debated since last night whether to walk/run/whatever (I should just call my morning exercise WRW from now on) this morning, up until the very last minute. And then I was like, "You know, one of your goals this week was to exercise every day. Since everything else has been so bad, you may as well make good on this one thing, right?" Right, so I did. Once again, my legs felt heavy. It was all kinds of stuff: my left ankle kind of bothered me, my right knee was twinging, I REALLY had to go to the bathroom -- the bad kind (uh-oh!). One thing I did have going for me was my cardiovascular. Overall, I still have that -- I am never totally gasping for breath or feel like I am going to die. Just my legs give me trouble if anything these days.

I know it is probably because of all the extra weight I carry, which makes it so much extra crucial that I start losing weight again. Because I (don't laugh) truly enjoy my morning exercise and wish I could get more done in a shorter amount of time -- it's so frustrating. Well, today it was just over two miles in just under 45 minutes -- SO slow! I'm not sure what happened there, but I am just going to keep getting out there each day; things are bound to improve again.

Of course, this week's poor performance could have everything to do with PMS, too. Really. It's happened before, where exercise has been nearly impossible during that time due to fatigue, so maybe this is actually an improvement. I guess time will tell.

Anyway... I know I sound like a broken record, and it probably doesn't seem like I am very sincere based on my results, but: I am NOT giving up, dammit!

Just not.


Robin said...

Well, I am in the same boat, re: that time. I felt so lousy yesterday, I didn't go to the gym. Part of it was 'that time' and the other was my body telling me to take it easy. I'm doing weights, so you really have to listen to your body when it tells you these things, or you might end up getting injured. ^_^;

But I came back and worked out today, and I feel better for it. I get you, on the enjoyment of walking, too. I've been so focused on getting my weights routine down that I've neglected my walking, of late. I really miss it, so maybe I will get some mileage in tomorrow night, weather depending.

Proud of you, for sticking to your guns! Remember, each day is new and is a gift! That's why it's called the present.

Or something like that. You can't change what's been done. You can only prepare for the future and follow through with what you do today.

Hang in there, kiddo!

Anonymous said...

Today is a new day. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping. Well not really, it's dreary and over cast here, but you get the picture. Put tomorrow away and start fresh. And 2 miles is great !! I took me 30 min to go 1/2 a mile the other day. Keep up the good work and you better not throw the towel in. I'm cheering you on.

Lisa aka water_nymph said...

no giving up!!!

its not even an option.

hrm..have you considered a bike or a swim once a week?
might help with the owie legs..

anyway..Never. Give. Up.

You are so inspiring to me, and i'm sure to others..thanks for keeping this blog!