Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Weight: 308.8
Total Weight loss: 41.2 pounds

Momentum: I want it to take over.

So far, so good this week, huh? I am continuing back down into more acceptable territory again, which is a relief. But I mustn't rest on my laurels here; this is a crucial moment. I've got to keep it up the rest of the week however I can.

But it still really hasn't been hard. The hardest thing is really just watching it when I get home in the evening. Don't overdo dinner, don't snack. I had gotten used to a bowl of popcorn every night, which really isn't bad in the big scheme of things, but when you add it all up... it's just too much and I am never eating it because I am hungry anyway. I'm trying to get in the mindset "If I am not hungry, I don't need it" along with my spending habits. Like, I wanted to get a new winter coat this season, but the reality is that the coats I have are just fine, and I should keep wearing them until a) they are comically too big or b) they are just too ratty. Same thing with shoes, and whatever else. "Do I really need it? No? Then I am not buying it." Tell that to the issue of Martha Stewart Living that somehow jumped into my grocery cart yesterday. ;)

I dropped more than 3 pounds in the past couple days not from anything other than eating within my limits, drinking lots of water, and keeping up with my exercise. This is what works, without fail, if I remain focused. It works!

I had a great walk for a change this morning. I never plan my routes or anything and I general do 30-35 minutes. Recently, my legs had been bothering me a lot even at the beginning of each workout. Today I decided to start off very easy and not push myself at all for the first five minutes (probably a good idea anyway). It seemed to work, because I suffered only the very slightest twinge of pain once or twice for the whole nearly 50 minute walk. I was on a roll, and just wanted to keep going. It felt good. I was even able to throw some running in there toward the end, about .75 miles' worth. My legs were fine, and so was my cardio -- I clearly haven't lost much, if any of the fitness I developed in recent months. Thankfully.

I'm really into it again! This is the second week that I've exercised consistently -- 4-5x a week, at least 30 minutes each day. It really is my saving grace, no matter what else I do in other areas for my health.

I'm back to my basic, brown bag breakfast: yogurt and an apple. I made some great soup over the weekend -- Pumpkin Black Bean -- that has been serving as my lunch, along with a chunk of homemade cheese bread and a hearty salad. Dinners have been reasonable, and I have been snacking much less. It's starting to feel natural again, and not an imposition. That's really the key, isn't it?


In other news, I am excited to have 3 sales in my Etsy shop this week! They're small sales, just a few zines, but I am still pretty thrilled. I'm adding more almost every day, so be sure to go have a look!

Ah, it's a good week indeed.


Felicia said...

Congrats on your sales and finding momentum! Sounds like you are doing so well! Keep facing forward. Your going to make it!!


Megan said...


MizFit said...

kudos on the loss.
and you nailed it...the when we are focused it WORKS.
it is just that LIFE intrudes so often huh? :)

congrats on the etsy as well.


Anonymous said...

WTG, Great job on the loss!!!