Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm a Gym Rat

Well, it's official: I'm a gym rat!

Ha ha, OK, maybe not. But I did do as I promised myself and went to the gym after work yesterday to sign up for a month and see how it goes. This morning before work I went and had my first gym session in, like, forever. And it was awesome! I loved it.

Like I said yesterday, this gym is totally no-frills and is probably geared more toward weight-lifting guys, but it has nice, basic cardio equipment: treadmills, steppers, and recumbent bikes. Plus, it was pretty empty when I was there this morning. And it's open 24 hours! The locker room is fine and has private shower stalls, yay.

Anyway, I worked out for just short of an hour this morning and I think it is safe to say that I got a much more thorough workout than when I go on my little walks. I started out with a 15-minute session on the bike to warm up -- heh, little did I know how much it would kick my ass! -- and finished off with about 35 minutes on the treadmill. Such a different experience from walking outside! I feel like it is much harder to control my form, but that may be just because I'm not used to having to keep my balance and stay on the machine -- I tend toward the clumsy, after all, it would be no surprise if I ever fell off one of those things! I took it fairly easy, staying the 2.8-3.2 mph range, with warm-up and cool-down at 2.5. I "ran" a good portion of that, as the woman next to was walking at 4.0! Ah well. I'll get faster with time.

I'm just so pleased about this. C. suggested that I just go ahead a buy my own treadmill and save some money, but I think I honestly like the whole thing of going to the gym, being able to use different machines. Not to mention that the gym has a better atmosphere than our dark little basement! When I signed up last night, the guy told me that they have a deal on an annual membership at the beginning of the year -- like half off -- so I may decide to invest in that, it would be about $20 a month. We'll see.

I ended up not weighing this morning, mainly because I was running a tad late and was hoping they would have a scale at the gym, but no dice. From now on I will be better prepared in the mornings and be sure to weigh before I leave, since I head to work directly after the gym.

I feel great! YES!


Robin said...

Let me know if you decide to take on some weight training/resistance training. I wish I had done so, earlier on in my own fitness regime. It'll help build your metabolism AND it burns calories longer than cardio, after the exercise has been done. (Most cardio burns extra calories up to around two, MAYBE three hours later. Weight training, especially lifting heavy and hard, will burn up to thirty-six hours later!) Just be sure you are getting enough protein for your exercise, and be sure to load up on your oatmeal in the morning, because you will need the carbs so your exercise doesn't eat into your muscle. (1-1.5g of protein per lean lb of weight is needed if you decide to lift. You will need to know your bodyfat % in order to figure out your lean mass.)

When I first started lifting, around a month ago, I plateau'd a bit, because there's a water gain involved. If this happens for you, don't fret, okay?

Cardio is great for fatloss, but it will get a turbo boost if you add in weights. (Plus, I for one would like to avoid the dreaded loose skin monster. :( )

Good luck, hon! Cheering you on, as always!

radiosilents said...


You are such a great support to me! It's always so nice to read your comments and suggestions and know that you are pulling for me -- back at you, too!

I do want to start some weight training, but I am going to have to get some assistance from "the guys" at the gym, who don't seem to be around when I am there in the mornings. I'll try to go this weekend and get some instruction on the machines, and go from there.

Thanks again, dear!

Rah rah!


Robin said...

Hey, Amy. ^_^ Just saw your reply.

I am glad to be there for you. As I've been losing weight, I've found that paying it forward helps me keep on target, myself. I'm only 1/3rd the way towards my goal of 175 lbs, so I have a ways to go, too! LOL It also helps to talk with people who know what you've been through, and the effects of obesity in every part of your life, really. To do it the old fashioned way, of blood, sweat, and calorie counting, is to be applauded. :)

"I do want to start some weight training, but I am going to have to get some assistance from "the guys" at the gym, who don't seem to be around when I am there in the mornings. I'll try to go this weekend and get some instruction on the machines, and go from there."

There's usually no one at my gym. It's daunting. It really is! LOL But I did have the experience of working the machines (and a smidge of dumbbells) back in college. But since I didn't want to screw over my muscles by not having correct form, I worked the machines at first, and then researched like -mad-. I read a lot on the forums on and then applied what I learned from there.

Because there's no one to spot me, I don't know my one rep max. :/ And also, since I'm a newb and I am alone there, I am cautious with just how heavy to lift, until I'm more assured I am doing correct form. LOL

But it is working for me, and I feel so strong and confident when I'm pumping iron. n.n (It reminds me of Metals class, actually. I'm a girly girl, most times, but I love the feel of exerting physical power, through sport or onto an anvil! LOL)

You get those guys. Drag them by their ear if you have to. And tell them you want to learn how to lift heavy. Else they'll shove some 3 lb pink dumbbell in your hand and expect you to do 25 someodd reps. x.x Or they might not. :) But don't let them girl it down for you. Okay? ;)

Woot-woot!! xx