Monday, November 17, 2008

Oh, well!

Weight: 307.8
Total Weight loss: 42.2 pounds

So, a little bit of a rebound there. Yesterday I was at 306. It doesn't surprise me in the least, really -- it's now officially that time of the month, and I've got the bloat to prove it. Also, today was a rest day as far as exercise goes. I'm still mighty pleased to be well under where I stood one short week ago, though -- make no mistake about that! I only wish that I had remembered to take some Advil this morning, because let me tell you, chocolate makes a poor substitute for pain reliever!

I received a box of Russell Stover chocolates this morning at work from one of our authors, and made the mistake of opening the box after my nice, healthy lunch of black beans and fresh veggies. To say that I overindulged would be an understatement -- I literally ate half the box (ten pieces) before I snapped out of my cocoa stupor. That's 750 calories right there. Yikes! Note to self: always read the nutrition information label before you embark on a little binge. Ack. Well, I have gone ahead and tracked it with everything else, and try to do the best I can this evening with dinner.

It was kind of a rough weekend. Saturday I had plans to get a lot of stuff done but ended up getting into spats with C. most of the afternoon, mostly due to my admitted bitchiness. I just couldn't let go of anything, you know? Sunday I went to my mom's to accompany her to an old family friend's wake. My mom was good friends with her for over 20 years and had worked with her for about 10, and she had been our realtor when we bought the house last summer. So, especially after losing my stepdad so recently, this is a big blow to my mom. I am worried about her, but she seems to be holding up OK considering... you can imagine that Sunday was an emotional day, and I don't know. I'm hoping this week will be much better. I have a lot to do in the coming weeks between getting ready for my exhibition in February, and the holidays (I'm the Thanksgiving chef in our family).

I have high expectations this week. I'm looking forward to exercising again (REALLY hope the outside of my calves quit bothering me so much), and doing well with my eating and getting well into my "safe" zone. I'm just going to continue to do what I have been doing the past week, and hope for the best.


Robin said...

Just hang in there, and being there for your Mom should help you with motivation. I'm sure she is proud of you, getting your health in order. (Mine was scared sick when I was 295, so I know...)

Have you had trouble getting on PD, of late? I can't seem to reach the site nor the forum. :(

Robin said...

Nevermind. It's back up. (That was weird!)