Thursday, November 6, 2008

Obama: Epic Victory. Me: Epic Fail.

Weight: 308.8
Total Weight loss: 41.2 pounds

*sigh* I am SO happy about the election results. I cried with joy when I realized that Obama won enough electoral votes, and cried again when I saw his speech. What a night that was! Sadly, on the other hand, I used it as an excuse to overindulge. I don't know why, really. So, yesterday, the scale was cruel, showing at just over 310 pounds, grr! I'm back down today, as you can see, so that is good, but still. Grr.

I stayed up late on election night so I wasn't able to drag myself out of bed early enough to get a run in yesterday morning, but today I was back out with bells on. Kind of. I made the mistake of starting off running, mainly because my across the street neighbor was out walking his dog and I talked to him for a moment, but didn't want him to feel obligated to continue the conversation for long, so I excused myself and off I went prancing long enough to get out of view. It did me in, not only running without a warmup but also going faster than I normally do and heading up an incline. Ouch. So the first 20 minutes of my walk/run/whatever was sad and bleak. My shins were hurting, and I wasn't sure I'd make it to 20 minutes, much less beyond that. Fortunately, just about at that point things started loosening up and feeling normal, so I was able to run the last half mile comfortably, and get in a total of 35 minutes of exercise. Phew! It did feel good in the end, so I am glad I stuck with it.

My eating has been, quite simply, atrocious today. Maybe it is getting toward PMS time because I just feel like I want to eat everything in sight, and kind of have been, making poor choices to boot. We'll probably have a non-dangerous stir-fry for dinner, so that'll be OK, but man! What a crappy day otherwise.

Well, those are going to happen, aren't they? Truth be told, I am just pleased to not be over 310. I really don't want to go there, no sir.


So, it seems like quite a few of you are new readers and/or coming out of the woodwork to offer me encouraging words, which is fantastic. I'm glad that you're enjoying this blog, and hope that you will continue to stick with me through thick and thin!


One last piece of news is that my little Etsy shop is pretty well stocked for now, so go check it out, and spread the word to those who enjoy fine art and/or zines. I think I have some interesting and cool stuff to offer, if I say so myself.

Here's to another good day, maybe tomorrow? Definitely.


Ruby Khan said...

Pssssh, epic fail? Bummer setback, maybe. But a 40+ pound loss, even if it's not where you want to be, is hardly an epic fail.

Robin said...

You know there will be some peaks and valleys along the way. You can do it!! And if you ever need a sounding board, please feel free to ping me, okay?

Anyway, I had a little 'yay~' when I saw you have an etsy shop. :) I can't afford anything, as of yet, but I love the site and glad to see you on there! I need to get more items together before I get my own shop going. LOL @.@

Tomorrow's a new day. Remember, 6-8 small meals boosts your metabolism! So does eating breakfast within 45 minutes of waking up. Drink your water, too, and you'll be in good order to tackle on what life throws at you, girlfriend! :)