Monday, March 10, 2008

Holy Crap!

Weight: 323.2
Total Weight loss: 26.8
Total Money saved:

OK, I HAD to post first thing today because, um? What??? Another almost two pound loss. Damn, that snow shoveling is like a magic elixir. Only once I stop shoveling, it'll probably all come back and normalize. Or something.

And to show you how normal I am indeed, I totally wolfed down a 5 oz. piece of milk chocolate yesterday. Granted, it fit into my calories, but really was not the best choice to make, not to mention that I "secret" ate it and really just about inhaled the sucker. That's just the sort of behavior I am trying to correct. After two months, I think I still need to give myself more time to alter behavior that was 30 years in the making, no?

Perhaps I will post more later, but I just had to share this little bit of sweet success with you.

Yours in snowballs,



BioGirl said...

Is it really a "secret" if you're putting it on the web? And if it was factored into your calories? My trick for chocolate is to really really savour it - I only buy the really good stuff (that conveniently comes in smaller packages too!) and then I eat it a piece at a time, enjoying the taste. And of course, knowing that it fits into the calories for the day makes it so much more enjoyable too, doesn't it?!
I also can't tell you how badly I'm craving pizza - my turn to cook tomorrow, and I'm SO going to make some - I looked at the calories for Pizza Hut, just on a whim to see if there could be some chance of a takeaway easy evening, and almost had a heartattack just thinking about the calories! I so could get some, and fit it into my day - if I ate NOTHING else. LOL! Not prepared to do that, so a healthier, thinner crusted, homemade version needs to be planned! Did you make your own base, or use store-bought?

Emily M said...

amazing work! I too shoveled enormous craploads of snow and experienced great losses so yay for snow shovelling (boo to my sore muscles but what can you do?) I just hope Spring gets here soon so I can keep up the fitness :)

Anonymous said...

Don't sweat the chocolate -- in moderation, it's actually good for you. :)

Dark chocolate is better than milk chocolate, if you can acquire the taste.

Oh, and when you eat chocolate, do not chew. Let it melt in your mouth. Much more satisfying. :)

Ready Maid said...

Biogirl has the right idea about savoring what you choose to eat. There's hardly anything that ticks me off worse than spending time preparing a really healthy meal, only to have DH eat it in less than 10 minutes. He's gotten the message, and has actually begun to s-l-o-w down and t-a-l-k between bites. I love it. And him.

Welcome to HYC!

Hanlie said...

Well done on the loss and welcome to the HYC!

Felicia said...

Welcome to the Healthy You Challenge!!!

Have a SUPER week!

Cammy said...

Congrats on the loss!

I understand about the chocolate. It's a feeling of loss of control, and I don't like it either. Fortunately, you had room for it in your calories, so no real harm done.

Keep up the great work!

Lynn said...


I can't stomach (pun intended) the idea of giving up everything I love for the rest of my life. What the heck are we living *for* if we're not enjoying it?

There's nothing wrong with chocolate. it is not inherently evil. You alloted for it in your day, you counted the calories, you told everyone who reads your blog.

Great! That's exactly what you need to do, not pretend that it doesn't exist or that you can never have it, ever ever!

(Welcome to healthy you!)

radiosilents said...

Thanks to everyone for the kind comments, and the big welcoming from those of you from the Healthy You Challenge, which I just joined.

Just to clarify, I was less concerned that it was chocolate the I wolfed down than the fact that a) I wolfed it, and didn't savor it, b) Did in in secret (even though I did ultimately reveal that I did it), and c) ate when I wasn't really hungry, just because I had some calories left to use.

Because yes, I am totally all about eating anything and fitting it in to my life. No exclusions, no bans, no cheating. That's what I am all about. :)

Thanks for reading, and for the support.

xo r.

HappyBlogChick said...

Congrats on the loss! That almost makes me want to live in a place with lots of snow. Almost ... but not really enough. Brrrr!

Welcome to the challenge!