Tuesday, March 4, 2008

One Small Dragon Slayed, + PANTS

Weight: 327.6
Total weight loss: 22.4
Total saved: $82.00

I know the whole Internets has been waiting with bated breath to see what happened with the pizza craving last night. Well, I am pleased to say that I did not give in to my wanton desires and did not go over my calorie allotment yesterday! I had a nice cup of hot tea with a wee bit o' honey and went to bed early.

I'm quite pleased about this, but certainly not high and mighty. I know that one day, I too will succomb to a voracious craving. But it will be OK! For there is always a new day to look forward to and another chance to do good by myself. That's the beauty of living, I guess, as long as you have some days left.

My scale was acting mighty testy this morning. It kept showing that pesky ERR readout even though I was doing everything normal and correct. I hope this isn't a sign that it's on its way out already... it's less than two months old! I would think I could get a replacement for free, but you know how it is, starting a relationship with a new scale that might have a different, uh, understanding of what my weight is and all. Hopefully the current scale was just having a bad morning and will be back to normal tomorrow.

The Pants
Today was a small victory. I am wearing a pair of pants I haven't been able to wear in about nine months, and they fit better than when I first got them! They are my graduation pants, the ones I wore to my MFA ceremony. I remember that I bought them in a hurry and without trying them on because I thought I would of course fit into size 26s at Lane Bryant. Well, I was able to squeeze into them and even button them, but let me just say that I was glad to have a long flowy top on over it to hide how hideous those pants looked over my belly and ass. Today, I had no trouble zipping or buttoning them, and they look OK even with a regular shirt on. Also in my closet? I have at least three pairs of pants (nice ones, not crappy cords or whatever) that I should be able to wear in another ten pounds or so. Totally awesome, because my wardrobe has become so small and so boring that I can hardly stand it anymore -- a couple pairs of cords and casual pants, and nothing but black jersey knit tops. I'm so over that already, but I don't want to go out and buy new clothes for a while yet.

Let me tell you, though? When I get down to "regular" girl sizes? I am SO going to have a field day with fashion.

Yours in corduroy,



Anonymous said...

I just wanted to comment on a previous entry you made. I too am trying to lose over 200 pounds. So far, 76 and I know the struggle. I completely agree with you that there are no good nor bad foods. It is our desire to consumer them in excess that leads them to never leave our hips and bellies. You should incorporate pizza and chocolate. It is the amount and the reasons why we may be eating it at certain points that leads to problems with binging and making one food more important than another. Example: spinach bad, twinkies good. Neither is good nor bad. They are both just food. Its the connection that food is food and nothing more that makes the difference with living life to eat for energy and not because you had a bad day and need to make yourself stuff those feelings down with cookies. I wish you blessings in your journey. I also can't wait to buy great new clothes and buy anything that I want, not whats only available on a few racks in the store. Jo

Sarah j said...

Pants Victory! Love those stories. Thanks for such a nicely written blog. I was in a bit of a funk due to some crazy stress, but YOU got me out of it. Thanks for reminding me about the journey that I want!

radiosilents said...

anon, and sarah j,

Both your comments made me beam with pure joy. I hope you stick with me.

xo, r.

Emily M said...

This is pretty awesome, miss! I remember when I started wearing pants *at all* and it feels so great :)

BioGirl said...

Hi there!
You're making fantastic progress! and WOW on the trousers thing (here in the UK pants = undies so I'm having to be careful what I say - have got some odd looks after announcing that my pants got wet in the rain - haha!).
Anyway - it's the small victories that keep us going, and make the hard work worthwhile - just wanted to say that I'm happy it's starting to pay off.

radiosilents said...

Em, your jeans were one of my biggest inspirations. :)

BioGirl, thanks so much for the kind words. It truly is the small victories that keep me going, and comments from you and other readers really help to keep me on track.

xo r.