Sunday, March 9, 2008

Snow Shoveling Mania

Weight: 325
Total weight loss: 25 pounds
Total money saved $149 ($89)

Well. Can I just say how much I love to shovel snow now? I guess I never thought about it in these terms before, but while I don't despise exercising or anything, I do see it as kind of a waste of energy that could be directed into something productive. Shoveling snow this weekend totally proved that to me. Yesterday I shoveled for a total of and hour and forty minutes; today I did another forty-five minutes (we had at least two feet of snow total!) and it was really satisfying. I got a good workout, and I got something accomplished that needed done.

So now I am thinking, damn! How stupid have I been? When I clean house, I generally really get into it and sweat quite a lot and really DO it. I know as I get more fit and lose more weight, I will need more of a challenge (I suppose I could always turn it into a race or something), but for now, my house could be spotless and I could get some regular exercise in and feel doubly good about it.

Anyway, I guess I am so excited by this realization is because I lost yet another pound. Holy crap, that's pretty cool. And let me tell you, this was after a day of homemade pizza and some fudge. However, add in the snow shoveling, and what do you get? License. Yeah.

The cumin chicken with apples recipe I tried making yesterday was a bust, sadly. It was just too bland for my taste to waste calories on. Also, maybe I just really don't care for dark meat anymore; the drumsticks kind of turned me off overall. So later, I made a batch of pizza dough and baked a fucking yummy pizza, with garlic, homemade sauce, onions, mushrooms, and a generous helping of cheese. I fit that mother right in to the scheme. OK, I am feeling a little high and mighty today, I admit it.


On the money front, I spent about $25 on makeup today. I probably shouldn't have done that, but I want to start wearing makeup regularly again and all my other stuff is pretty old and spent. I also got the new issue of Vogue with Drew Barrymore on the cover. I haven't really read any fashion mags in the past few years and I don't know, it was an impulse buy. $5! Just the sort of thing I am trying to train myself out of. A few days ago, I spent about $20 on earrings on Etsy. Hm. I'm getting careless, and I still haven't done my class assignments. Boo!

I'm not giving up. I've already made enough progress that it would be stupid to let a few small transgressions upset the apple cart completely.

Yours in attitude adjustments,


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