Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Reality Check

Weight: 324.6
Total weight lost: 25.4

OK, so there you go. Just like you don't lose two pounds overnight, you don't gain it, either. These are the realities of daily weighing, and I am totally fine with it.

I had sort of a rough day, though. I really wanted to eat, and eat. It turned out OK, and I didn't overdo it at all, just felt like it. Not every day can be easy or super hero-like. I'm also surprisingly without many words tonight, either. But I did want to check in and say hello, and say that I was up a bit on the scale, and that it did not ruin my day nor ruin my resolve to achieve the goals I have set for myself. Man, I am determined to go all the way like I have never felt before; it's pretty amazing to have this inside me.

I wish all of you a wonderful evening. Tomorrow's a new day.


Felicia said...

Good for you for not letting the numbers win! You are doing just awesome! 25lbs is amazing and you should be super proud of yourself!! Keep on keeping on and you will be reaching your goals in no time!!

Hope you have a SUPER day!

Sarah J said...

You are doing great. And, honestly, if it was all a breeze...all of us would have accomplished this stuff long ago. Hang in there, and keep typing. I check in on a lot of blogs and I find the posts about struggles and still sticking with it (or coming back after a slip) the ones I book mark, print out and tatoo on my forehead.


p.s. I think there might be a wee typo in your weight today. But, positive imaging is important too.

Scale Junkie said...

You are doing a great job and you should be very proud of that 25 pound loss. You will find your balance between living and getting healthier, it just takes time to find your groove sometimes.

radiosilents said...

Thanks, everyone. :) These comments really help me stay focused on what's important!