Saturday, March 8, 2008

You Didn't Lose Me!

Weight: 326.0
Total weight loss: 24 pounds
Total money saved: $145 ($84)

Hi! It's been two days since my last post, after having posted every day since I started this blog... for no particular reason; things are still going along as usual. Really good, in fact. As you can see, I'm down another couple pounds for a total of an unprecedented six pounds this week! A couple days that included shoveling copious amounts of snow (with more to come this weekend), and getting my period no doubt contributed to the more-than-usual loss. Whatever the reason, I will take it! Heck, I'm almost halfway to my monthly goal already and it's not even the the 10th yet! Hopefully it will stay off. Lord knows I've been trying despite many times wanting to say, "Oh fuck it, I'll have a treat day" or whatever. Instead, I've been having pretty much whatever I want, but in portions that fit into my plan. I still find this incredibly novel, but it does seem to work. Like, yesterday, I got a Pizza Hut Personal Pan Pizza after figuring out that at about 560 calories for the Veggie Lover's (my favorite anyway), I could easily fit it in for lunch anytime! That was really nice to know, because pizza is the one food I could seriously eat every day and not get sick of it. And I really dig it when foods are already portioned for you so there's no question about intake, and no problems with leftovers.

That bug I got is still hanging on a bit, which is annoying, but I am feeling much better. I'll probably go out and shovel snow today just so I can eat more calories, what the heck. We're getting non-stop snowfall all day today (and had itmost of yesterday afternoon and evening), so there is plenty to do.

The pants saga continues! On Thursday I had a testing session as part of this rigorous interviewing process I am going through for a possible new job, and while I knew I wouldn't be interviewed per se, I did want to look fairly professional. So, on a hopeful whim, I decided to see if those other pairs of pants I have in my closet that I thought would take another 10 pounds to wear comfortably could work. Boy, was I ever surprised! Both pairs fit! One almost perfectly but needed hemming desperately (I'm talking three inches too long, at least), so they were out. The other pair were a leetle tight, but totally wearable and looked niiiiiice with their pretty, flowy wide legs and a tiny bit of metallic thread throughout for added flair. (OK, so I am making them sound hideous, but trust me, they aren't. Just some nice trousers with totally unobnoxious details.) I am so. Happy. About. This development. Now, I need to get some new shirts because I really, really need them. The horrible Lane Bryant is having a 40% off sale this weekend, so I may have to do some online shopping (the weather is making travel a total no-no).

Today I do plan to spend some time working on my budget stuff. I'm also going to cook some yummy food. I found a recipe for some cumin chicken drumsticks with apples (!) that sounds totally awesome. If it turns out well, I'll share it with you.

Until next time,



kitmouse said...

I'm being very challenged by pants myself. I went a long time without changing sizes that much--from 294 to about 240 pounds I was still wearing my size 22 jeans (with varying degrees of tightness, but still wearable). Now, though, these last 3 pounds have made such a difference! I've got handfuls of fabric now, and they're so loose they look like clown pants with a belt. Unwearable.

I have a pair of Lane Bryant "Blue 3" black trousers that fit pretty okay, 10 pounds ago, but now are ridiculously too big. I've gone in and tested it and I'm a "Blue 2" now. I'd dearly love to just know what NUMBER I am! I hate LB's thing about "real women sizing" or whatever it is. Who are they fooling? Please.

My hubby says that for my birthday (a week from tuesday) I can go splurge on clothes. Part of me is super excited (I'm gonna go hit Torrid) and part of me is daunted. If my body has changed so much in the last 5-10 pounds, what'll happen in the NEXT 5 or 10 pounds? Yipes!

bookofnights said...

I'm not a huge fan of Lane Bryant either. But if you shop online, you might like (or already know) about these two:

OneStopPlus has a bunch of stores all together (Romans, Avenue, ect). BC Outlet is an outlet store. Great prices, but you can't go there with something specific in mind.

Oh, I'm here via your profile on Physics Diet :)