Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Revisiting the Awesome

Weight: 325.4
Total Weight loss: 24.6

I'm reporting to you from my third run of my first week on the Couch to 5K program! OK, well, I'm actually sitting here at my desk after having completed the run and entering all the stats into my account at Map My Run. While I may be going at a snail's pace at this point (today's run was a 21:16 minute mile), I am making progress with each run, which is fab.

Yesterday I took a much-needed break from any exercise at all. My body was just ready to cave in, I think. So, no walk, no nothing. It was a good decision because today's run was really pretty great, for me, at least. I'm not saying that there is no pain involved, or that it is easy, but, most importantly? It's doable. I am doing it. It still amazes me (and probably all my neighbors who happen to be looking out the window as I stumble by) that a 320-something pound gal is out there running. Well, kind of. ;)

I've earned myself a new iPod by completing the first week of C25K! I told myself that if I could do that, that would be my reward, since neither of the iPods we have function anymore and I am dying for some music to run along to -- and C25K podcasts, too! So, sometime this week, I'll go and get myself a shiny new Nano or something.

But what about my budget? Yes, I could probably better spend that money on paying off credit card debt. I'm making an exception to fund my healthy lifestyle, which I consider a worthwhile investment. Ahem.

I'm feeling really darn snazzy right now. How is your stuff going?

PS Can I just say? Today was my first payday reflecting my raise, and man! It's really, really great to have that extra money. I almost feel like I won the lottery. Still quite chuffed indeed!


Hanlie said...

You're doing great and deserve your iPod! Keep it up!

I've said it before, I'd rather be seen exercising at 320 pounds than stuffing my face. I'm all for busting stereotypes!

Anonymous said...

awesome! it is so cool that you are seeing results and improving your time. and a new ipod is definitely a good investment -- there's nothing like good tunes to make a mile past faster.

Felicia said...

You are doing SUPER!! And for sure have earned that Ipod!!

Keep up the great work!

kitmouse said...

I could NOT exercise without my iPod! If I leave it at home I turn right around and go back for it, no questions asked. You've totally earned it, and I think it's a GREAT exception to make (the pursuing a healthy lifestyle exception). :)

Simone said...

Well done. You need to reward yourself and its not with food!!

keep it up.

radiosilents said...

Thanks, everyone!