Saturday, July 19, 2008

Checking In

Weight: 304.0
Total Weight loss: 46 pounds

Holding steady! Things are going well. The last couple days have involved the epitome of balance: not necessarily eating the best stuff in the world, and perhaps eating a bit more at a meal (like, last night we celebrated new homegrown peppers with some delicious, albeit cheese-laden burritos followed by a hefty bowl of ice cream), but countering it with more activity. Yesterday, I cleaned the house in preparation for a studio visit the curator from the museum where I am having my show next year -- and it was quite a workout! With four cats in the family we always have tons of cat hair floating around, so corralling that alone got my blood flowing.

Then, this morning, I was up bright and early tending to the garden. I did several transplants that required lots of digging and shoveling, and in the heat and humidity we've been having, I literally sweat through my clothes, probably buckets worth!

All very fun stuff, I must admit. The house looks great, the garden looks great, and I feel great.

Honestly, I can't say that I plan to eat clean all weekend, but I am doing it with both eyes open and looking forward to Monday, when I am totally going in full force -- I really want to get to 299 by the beginning of August! I will probably never be so obsessed about a number on the scale again, at least not until I am straddling 200, anyway. ;)

Hope everyone is doing well. There weren't all that many updates on my regular list of blog reading, hopefully that means that you are all out enjoying yourselves!


Kate said...

Glad to see you holding :) I also didn't eat as well as I could have... at least yesterday... so today I'm focusing on getting back on track.

I can completely respect the celebration of your home grown peppers :)

We have the same goal... to be below 300 by august first. You have a bit of a head start on me, but I expect we will BOTH make it :)

Michelle said...

Balance is perfect, I love balance, I strive for balance. You're doing great. It's so clear you're doing this in a way that is about lifestyle change and not short-term, unrealistic changes. Have you been by my blog lately? I haven't updated in a few days but don't know if you've seen the most recent one.

Keep rocking girl!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are in a good place. Balance is good, really good. I think it teaches us something too. I have been stuck for a long time and I learned a lot about living to "maintain" during that time and a lot about how ready I was to push myself harder and in what ways would be best to do that. You are going to get there and it will be so sweet when you do. You are doing all the right things girl.

Cammy said...

Doesn't it feel good to maintain? To know that you can have that treat and still be strong and fit and healthy? Way to go!

I've got my fingers crossed for you on the 200s!