Saturday, July 12, 2008

Waaaa hooo!

Weight: 304.6
Total Weight loss: 45.4 pounds

Well, well.

After all those feelings of doubt and discouragement, here I am the next day standing on the scale facing what some folks call a "sinker": down to 304.6! No one is more surprised than I.

It may well be a fluke, and I might end up going back up before I go down again, but I don't mind. I just love seeing that I broke another barrier. I was really hoping to see myself below 305 this week. And now I know that I can get below 300 by the end of the month.

This was just what I needed right now.

And thanks again to those of you who write such wonderful, supportive comments. I really couldn't have made it this far without you, and that is no exaggeration.

Onward and upward! Also, new bling! -- see sidebar. :)


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Cammy said...

Hooray for new bling! Well done!

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Mo said...

Well done, keep it up and remember these things take time!

Boilergrad1993 said...

THAT'S GREAT!! I didn't get to leave you a comment yesterday, but I have to say I could 100% relate to your post yesterday. I've been losing the same 2 lbs for 6 weeks!!! And the lack of discipline is something I'm fighting terribly. But I know it's just a temporary thing, because before when I'd 'fall off the wagon' I'd just lay there waiting to get run over. This time, I keep trying to find a different way to get back on track!! Keep up the GREAT work, it will definitely pay off in the end!

Michelle said...

Woo-hoo!! You've earned it. This is how it works, up, down, down, up, down. 2 steps forward, 1 step back. Next time you have a small gain, or no loss, and are feeling down, come back to this post. You're doing great!

Roxie said...

Well played!