Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Taking It In Stride

Weight: 304.0
Total Weight loss: 46 pounds

That's what it feels like lately... kind of casual, in a way. Natural? Yes, I think so! I am just doing what feels right to do, whether it's reaching for a snack or deciding whether to run in the morning or not. I ask myself, "What will make me feel right for the rest of the day?

Note that I didn't say "good", I said, "right". That's because doing what feels good isn't always what is good for us, right? For example, I might not really feel like running when I am scheduled to run, but a quick thought reminds me that I feel so much better on any day that I do it (aches and pains aside). Same goes with my food choices. If I indulge at lunch (which seems to be the thing lately for some reason), I try to eat a veggie-heavy dinner.

It feels like everything I have been working so hard at for the past six months has really sunk into that brain of mine and become the modus operandi. That's not to say it is always easy -- which you know if you read this blog regularly -- but, it is certainly becoming more natural to eat more healthfully than to eat junk food; more natural to get out and move around than not. I even get antsy if I lay about for too long, gotta DO something!

I ran another miler this morning, after having one of my little conversations in my head. It was fine, I'm glad I did it, as I almost always am. The scale was also my friend -- looks as if I am on a downward trend again. 299, here I come!

Honestly, I am a tad flabbergasted that I am still doing this, that I am still totally into it. I've never committed to my health and well-being for so long before, and let me tell you, despite all the rough spots and discouragement, it has been totally, totally worth it. I just can't wait to see how I turn out in the end.


John said...

I just wanted to wish you the best. I stumbled across your blog on a weird blog hopping journey. If you ever need some extra inspiration swing by my blog. ;-)

Mama Bear June said...

That's so exciting when it becomes more natural to make the healthy choice, isn't it? Keep up the great work!
Path to Health

Kate said...

:) I've recently found my way back to a more strenuous workout schedule ... and a renewed weight loss. I can totally relate to the "good" vs "right" thing.

Although I may be reluctant to start each day, afterwards I have to admit it does feel good as well as right :)

Michelle said...

You keep trucking along and that's the best "right" thing you've done, IMHO. Keeping it up is the first step. You've not set up unreasonable goals (and when you have you realized it and changed them) and you've been flexible and understanding with yourself. You're doing a fine job of it all!

I can't wait to celebrate 299 with you!

Cammy said...

You describe the feeling so well, that realization that THIS is how you live now. I'm so thrilled for you!!

Trevor said...

I couldn't agree more with what you were saying about how what feels "right" at the time may not ACTUALLY be right.

When I get hungry, I reach for the ice cream or the chips. But then good sense tells me that I'll be grateful later if I eat the celery in the fridge instead.

And I am...

But that celery is really disgusting! :)

BikiniMe said...

You're doing GREAT! I, too, love it when I have a surprising realization about myself --"Wow! I just chose broccoli over Fritos! When did that start happening??" haha!