Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Let the Records Show

...that I am actually wearing a shirt that is not black, and that I am fully accessorized! (I've got earrings on which you can't see here, just plain studs that are close in color to the red of my necklace).

This is a really rare occurrence, but I like it so... perhaps it is the beginning of a new leaf? Likely so, as all my black jersey tops that I wear the crap out of are, well, crapping out. This salmon-hued button-down is yet another item of clothing I haven't been able to wear for a long time. It's a size 22/24 and fits well everywhere except across the back and in the arms, because I have a wide back and BIG arms, where it's a tad tight but workable.

Wearing color makes me feel so noticeable. It's weird.

In other news, I walked 5K this morning on my "rest" day. It was awesome, sprinkled with the occasional few minutes of running. I just love my neighborhood so much. It is perfect for running and walking, and really gets my wishful thinking going... so many beautiful houses to shoot for someday when I have my finances in order and I'm (hopefully) making more money. Not that I don't love my house now, but I love to dream, and there are some lovely English tudors and Craftsman-style homes over there...

Dare to dream, right?

PS Isn't it funny how I can get these face shots of myself to always look almost exactly the same each time? It's kind of creepy, if you ask me.


Felicia said...

I think you look BEAUTIFUL! Espeically in color!! Love seeing the pictures. Keep on sharing!!

Have a SUPER day!

Ruthie said...

love your shirt!
and i must add you hair is beautiful!
i am working on growing mine out. it seems like it takes forever. maybe someday i will have long beautiful locks like yours!

great job on the 5k! sounds like a great run.


Michelle said...

Love the blouse! You look beautiful! Great job on the walk. I spend my walk time housedreaming too :)

Gypsyhick said...

Hi - found you via physicsdiet and wow, just read a few posts and even though I don't know you, I'm definitely proud of you! I'm down 24 so far and you're inspiring!

Cheers to Operation Butt Shrink!

Anonymous said...

Love the color!! I have been enjoying your blog as a lurker but decided to start my own weight loss blog and join in.

Cammy said...

What a beautiful color for you! (I never would have thought to pair red with salmon/pink, but it's perfect.)

And I still covet your hair. sigh.

*lisa* said...

I've been behind on blogs but congratulations! And you look great! Keep it up :)

The Boozeness said...

Well done on your work!
I just spotted you on David Ds blog.
I've just started an impassioned new blog. Maybe you can drop over to it.
Its at
I'm going to bloglist you. I wonder if you can too as I try to spread the word.
Thanks again

Andrew is getting fit said...

That's a scary painting in the background!