Thursday, July 31, 2008

More Thinking

I can't stop thinking about my earlier post and how unclear I was being in the correlations I was making. I think what it is... is that, I have been using my morning exercise to "make up" for my evening transgressions (the brownie, the popcorn). To me that is practically a binge/purge scenario, though certainly not as extreme as a session of uncontrollable eating followed by, say, forced vomiting (which I could never bring myself to do) or taking laxatives (which was my purge of choice way back when).

The good thing is, I guess, that the eating involved now is not binging but considered choices, (I chose quite consciously to have a bowl of popcorn or a brownie knowing that I didn't have the room for them) and that they resulted in positive action, doing something I was going to do anyway. But you can see now more clearly how I equated each situation? I do.

As I said before, self-awareness goes a long way on this journey. It's nice to make these discoveries about myself and the reasoning behind my actions and thoughts.

Thanks for reading.


BikiniMe said...

It is my belief that self-awareness is the heart and soul of this journey and that perhaps, acquiring self-awareness is the only way to truly succeed. Permanent weight loss requires permanent change, and the best (only?) way to change yourself is to know yourself.

Actually, I really think that the weight loss is a side effect, a bonus, of acquiring self-awareness.

Boilergrad1993 said...

I 100% relate to your post. Most days I exercise because I enjoy it and it's good for me, but there are many days where I exercise to 'make up' for what I've eaten the day before. And the thing is I ALWAYS feel crappy when I overeat or when I eat something that maybe I shouldn't. So why do I do it?