Saturday, July 26, 2008

One More Little Post...

Weight: 300.2
Total Weight loss: 49.8


Ack! I am so, so close to 50 pounds lost. I mean, I am basically there. It's thrilling, but at the same time a little anti-climactic. It's definitely a great achievement, but I have a long road yet ahead and lots more to accomplish -- which I am excited about! Just think... I just have to do this three more times. Not bad! I can handle that.

I asked C. this morning if he thought I should wait on the celebration, and he was like, "You should wait until you're at 295 or so, so you know that you definitely won't see 300 again." I agree and disagree with this, but mostly I disagree so I am celebrating today with just lots of good thoughts for now. I don't really have any rewards in mind.

This morning I got hit with the first day of my period, and felt pretty crappy. I was considering not heading out for my 3rd run of the week, but did it anyway, telling myself that if it felt really bad I could just run a mile instead of 1.5. Also, I wasn't out to set any new PRs or anything... I was running strictly to get it done, not to see how much faster I could go. Turns out, I was still running at under a 17 minute pace (16:46, to be exact). Not too shabby considering I thought I toned it down quite a lot.

It'll be nice weekend. I am going to my company's picnic today, and tomorrow heading out for visits with my uncle and his wife, as well as my mom and stepdad. Should be fun! And I am going to be glowing the whole time, you can count on that.

Hope you have a great weekend, too.


Megan said...

I remember the day I realised I'd lost 50 pounds. It was an incredible feeling. Congratulations on your accomplishment.

Cammy said...

Oh yes, you're THERE. Congrats! And there's nothing to say you can't celebrate now AND at 295! :)

I like that you gave yourself "permission" to cut your run short. Sometimes I think we're like stubborn little kids. Tell us we CAN do something and it's the very thing we don't want to do. LOL

Kate said...

:) you're as good as there. One of these days you're going to wake up, step on the scale and BAM! there it'll be.

Fabulous @ 50