Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I'm a Runner, Again.

Weight: 305.8
Total Weight loss: 44.2
(But I am still keeping my 45 pound badge for now!)

Well, I guess I never stopped being a runner, except for the fact that I took a break from it for a week. And boy, am I glad I did! This morning I rather begrudgingly got my running gear on and headed out the door. I was running a little late, as seems to be my habit lately, so I thought, well, just get 20 minutes in today and see how it goes. 1.06 miles and 18 and a half minutes later, I was finished and very pleased. Running didn't feel like a chore as it had started to feel before my break. Also, I had no pains or aches to contend with, which really helped matters. My pace felt improved (it was, by about a minute!), and it was just GOOD overall.

So, now my plan is to get three or four 20-minute runs in this week, and next week start Hal Higdon's 5K Training for Novices. The first week of that program begins with 1.5-milers, so that will be perfect and totally doable. My goal for the next eight weeks is to make the 5K distance comfortable or even easy, and to speed up a little, which I suspect will also happen naturally. I'm not going to do speedwork or anything yet, don't worry!

As predicted, my weight went up a bit after that big drop. Today's weigh-in was awesome, headed back down again. I've been really working at balancing things eating-wise. Yes, I make sure to get in fruit and veggies a-plenty -- both C. and I seem to actually crave the stuff as much as we crave chocolate, ha! But I have also just been eating. Like, eating whatever. Like an ice cream sundae yesterday for lunch's dessert! Then, we made a fantastic chicken and veggie stir-fry for dinner, super healthy, filling, and yummy. And no snacking after that. Balance. It seems to be working out OK. Good stuff since this is my ultimate desire -- to be able to not be overly restrictive in my eating habits, to not feel like I have to make major unpleasant compromises, and still be healthy and maintain a reasonable weight. Yes, it's true that this is taking some extra time. But I'm going to be happy I did take so long when I see that I am able to keep what I have lost off for good. I truly believe I can do that.

I've also had a couple clothes NSVs recently! Today I am wearing a skirt that I haven't been able to wear in at least a couple years, Lane Bryant size 22/24, and yesterday I tried on a pair of pants that I bought the last time I lost weight five years ago... they're LB size 22, and I am now able to get them on and zipper and fasten them without inhaling! They're not quite ready for public consumption as my tummy looks like a balloon in them, but I'm getting close. This particularly intrigues me because the last time I could wear them I weighed quite a bit less, which leads me to wonder whether I have a lot more muscle weight now? Or perhaps my weight distribution has shifted slightly. Who knows?

All personal stuff aside, I'm very pleased with the recent turn of events and attitude concerning my efforts and look forward to a good, active week.


Anonymous said...

Excellent! Go you! The clothes thing I think is probably shape. I have noticed since I started running that my stomach is going in faster than it has been with just doing ab exercises. The running seems to strengthen all the core muscles (or something!)
So happy you're feeling so much better!

Lillian said...

I love running. It's great exercise and cheaper than therapy.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to you on the running & your NSV! Have a good week!

Michelle said...

Great job! I'm so glad you're back to running. It feels good doesn't it?

And congrats on the clothing front. Yes, I bet they are fitting looser than before because of increased muscle. You weigh the same but you are smaller. No other explanation. I've had the same experience. The last time I was a size 8 I weighed 150. This time I weigh 160 at this size. Muscle rocks! Keep it up :)

Cammy said...

So glad you're running again! Your goals for the coming week look great!

And congrats on the smaller clothes! One of the most valuable lessons I've learned through this is to pay attention to the non-scale indicators. I lost 1-1/2 sizes, but only 10 pounds in my first six weeks. I couldn't believe it!

have a great week!

BikiniMe said...

I just finished reading the rest of your archives and I just wanted to let you know I enjoyed every entry. You are inspiring!

You are a rockstar!