Tuesday, July 1, 2008

HYC Checkin-In: W1D1 of Spring Training

Weight: 308
Total Weight loss: 42 pounds

It's Tuesday again already? The weeks seem to be zipping by. Unfortunately, my weight hasn't been zipping off lately. I was really thinking that I'd see a nice loss this morning, but instead a very slight gain (pretty much a maintain, half pound). Well, who knows? Maybe it will happen tomorrow, or the next day. I'm bound to see to movement again soon. After all, one day of eating clean again won't show instant results, I know that. ;)

I did as promised, and began my Spring Training this morning according to Hal Higdon's plan. The first run was just 1.5 miles, which yesterday I declared as "easy"; however I had another tough run despite the shorter distance. The whole time I didn't feel like I would make the distance, and my pace was back up (down?) over 19 minutes. SLOWer than even my usual. It's OK. Hal says that it doesn't matter how fast you go or even whether you decide to walk some or even all of a particular run. I did consider walking at some points but just couldn't let myself do it, even though there is nothing wrong with it... it's a rather silly point of pride, I guess. I should probably get over it.

Anyway. With July comes my official six-month mark (July 7th, to be exact). I feel a sense of renewal to my commitment and look forward to what the next six months will bring. Let's fast forward to January 2009, which will be my year anniversary, and speculate about what I might be like by then. I hope to:

• Weigh somewhere between 250 and 270 pounds
• Be able to run 10K comfortably, have my "easy" runs be 5Ks
• Wear pants size 20-22, depending on brand (based on what I wore when I last weighed the above amount)
• Have a normal "bad" cholesterol level (the "good" levels are good at this point)

And, by my 39th birthday (June 2009), I would like to:
• Weigh no more than 229 pounds (my highest weight in college when I thought I was REALLY fat, ha ha!)
• Feel confident in entering the Buffalo half-marathon (late May)
• Be able to shop in "regular" clothes stores for some things (pants size 18?)

*sigh* I just love setting goals. I'm trying really hard to visualize all these things -- if you write things down, you are more likely to do them, and if you can "see" yourself doing them, all the better. So I hear. Just think, someday in the not-so-far future, I will look back and laugh at my running struggles, and not being able to get below 307!

Where do you see yourself in the future?


JanetM97 said...

Congrats on all your goals! Goals help me, too. I might contemplate a marathon as a goal. Maybe. If I can get back to doing a 5K even. The farthest I've run is 30K and it seemed like a really, really long run. lol. Best of luck on your marathon! :)

countryjacket said...

I had a Taekwondo instructor tell me that "Goals are merely dreams until you write them down". Congrats on taking the first step in turning those dreams into goals. You have made great strides in the past 6 months and I have no doubts that you will be able to reach your goals in the next 6.

Michelle said...

Those sound like awesome and totally doable goals! Good job!! I just noticed you made some changes to your page. Your title is different and your picture is gone. Of course I like the addition of "becoming a runner", that is awesome! I miss seeing your smiling face though :(

Gonna celebrate your 6 month anniversary with anything? I like magazine subscriptions for prizes :) I think time sticking with it is more important to celebrate than pounds. It's a better indicator of long term success. So, CONGRATULATIONS on 6 months!! Woot-woot!

Holly said...

You are doing awesome!! I just wrote out all my goals today too and it really does feel great to see them out there. Good luck in acheiving your goals!

Mama Bear June said...

Those goals are all great. I think it's important to make small short term goals, too. That makes the overall goals seem less overwhelming! I know you'll do wonderfully and stay on track to meet those goals!
Path to Health

Ruthie said...

Goals are so important. I once bought a card for a dear friend with the reminder that those who reach touch the stars. It was perhaps a little tacky (I was a teenager, in fairness) but the message is true.

I've added your blog to my list as I think your cause is inspirational (I'm the one who commented on your post over in the runner's community at Live Journal).

Keep up the brilliant work!

Cammy said...

Congrats on completing your first day of spring training. No one said it had to be pretty. :)

In my future, I see myself cheering you on in a 10k. (I'm not kidding either! *G*)