Thursday, April 3, 2008

Busy, Fairly Stressed, Still Hanging In

Weight: 321.8
Total Weight loss: 28.2 pounds

The title just about sums it up for my life since I last posted, which is why I haven't made an update since then! It's been very busy at work, in the midst of catalog time (I design catalogs, among other things, at a small book publisher), and when I get home I just have a nice dinner, chat with C., and sort of veg out. Being on the computer after work hours these days just hasn't been as much fun, so... anyway. But here I am, as dedicated as ever to my personal cause.

I feel like I have really been stuck in the 320s, but the reality is that it's taking me no longer to get to the next "decade" as any previously. Maybe it just feels that way because I am so anxious now to get into the teens, and then finally below 300. I can't wait! I have to, obviously, but man. I have several important milestones coming up: 315, which will be 10% of my weight lost; 310, which was my highest weight ever the LAST time I lost a significant amount of poundage; and then of course, 299, which will take me out of the 300s, hopefully forever. They come in quick succession, so it will be a fun, celebratory time for me, between now and June.

Last night I ran the second day of my second week on C25K. You know how the first one went so well? This one was the polar opposite -- totally sucked. I mean, I did it and all, but my pace and speed went way back to square one.

I'm not down on myself too much about it, though. I'm happy I went out and did it, obviously, also I just started my period AND I made the mistake of running not too long after having eaten a nice helping of dinner (which was a lovely plate of roasted brussels sprouts, a filet of pan-seared salmon, and a few sea scallops -- YUM!), so the stars were really against me. Still, I do hope for a better run next time, hopefully returning to improving my stats (love the stats! Love 'em!) and feeling better during and after. If not, I'll probably try Week 2 again, just to keep building stamina. We'll see.

Anyway, I hope all of you are doing well -- I'd love to hear what you're up to!




SarahJ said...

Thanks. Your committment is a huge part of what has inspired me to really stay focussed. The reminder that this is a day by day, effort by effort, choice by choice process usually trips me up. I want to be done NOW. But, reading your profile (which feels like it is mine) always reminds me that I am not alone... a freak of nature that I tend to think I am. So, thanks. Thakns for the good and the bad; the big and the small; the minutae and the big picture. Thanks for taking the time. I cheer you on, and for once, I cheer myself on.

Roxie said...

Keep up the great work!

Emily M said...

gotta try those roasted sprouts...yummers.

radiosilents said...

Sarah: This means so much to me. I've come to realize why keeping this blog has really helped me to continue fairly effortlessly. It's because I am accountable, not just to me, but to you and anyone else who can identify with what I am saying. And that's a good thing, a very good thing. I was just saying earlier to my friend Em that recognizing this as a PROCESS and not just a goal-oriented, weight-watching activity makes it so much easier to keep going -- to WANT to keep going.

So thank YOU, and you're welcome, you're welcome, you're welcome. You help keep me going.

Roxie: Thanks! I intend to. :)

Em: Next time you come visit, I will make them for you!

sarahj said...

Thank you back. I've been exercising (cycling) and eating well for ... gasp... three weeks now. Am down to my lowest weight in a year or two... 289.9. (yeah.. I'll take that 1/10th). This has been a hard week because I've been sick with the flu. Every time I really take care of myself, I get sick. So, I've been really struggling with believeing that change is a coming. And, honestly? It is here. Because FOR ONCE I've not turned to food to quell my stress. I've just rested, upped the water and tried to keep focussed on the big picture. So, besides the irony of feeling like total crap at the same time as my body is changing... I have this strange flutter of hope that maybe with a bit more patience, water and Vitamin C.. I can get back on the bike and back on the road. Thanks again.

radiosilents said...

sarah: I hope you feel better soon! Sometimes it is just about going through the motions and being patient. Perseverance will get you everywhere. I can't wait to start riding my bike again, too!