Wednesday, April 16, 2008

On the Right Track

Weight: 323.6
Total Weight loss: 26.4

Ah, now that is more like it, heading in the right direction again. I feel in much, much better spirits today, and not just because of the scale reading. I just feel hopeful, and happy, and healthy. I also had another Pants Victory today! The laundry elves didn't do the wash last night, and so I was left scrambling with nothing to wear this morning -- or so I thought! Turns out that a pair of Old Navy jeans I had left for dead ages ago now fit perfectly! They even slide down my hips without unfastening 'em, how awesome is that? I'm chuffed.

Last night I watched Nova on PBS, because it was about non-athletes training for the Boston Marathon. It was part of an experiment at Tufts University in which 12 ordinary people were selected to participate. One gal had to drop out because of stress fractures in her shins (she had Type 1 diabetes and didn't heal well), but everyone else on the team made it through the nine month training and completed the race! You can read more about the program here: Team Nova.

It was just really inspirational for me and makes me wonder, what am I capable of after I successfully run a 5K? I guess I'll cross that bridge when I come to it, but it's certainly tempting to think that even I could run a marathon someday. Consider it added to my life's to-do list, actually. Yep.

I really loved that a fat girl was included on the team. She turned out to be the fastest of the women in the end -- after she came thisclose to not being allowed to participate in the beginning due to some aberrant heartbeat issues during her initial cardiovascular fitness test. Just goes to show!

And while I certainly felt most sympatico with Betsey, I felt totally proud of each and every team member by the end of the program. Just awesome stuff.

I'm so glad to be feeling good again today. It makes living life so much easier.

Rainbows and kittens,


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Elaine said...

And she ran the marathon with a frigging UTI. Damn. Wow. That is some determination.

Good on you for sticking with it, by the way. Those moments of "OMG I can fit into [previously improbable size/item]!" are pretty awesome.