Monday, April 14, 2008

W3D1: Crash and burn

Weight: 325.2
Total weight loss: 24.8

I'm just doing a quick post this morning to tell you that I once again successfully got my ass out of bed to get my run in this morning, and it went really well.

Except for the crash and burn. Yep, good old City of Niagara Falls crappy sidewalks, despite my best intentions, I caught my toe on a crack and BAM! I went down, flying through the air and landing on my face. OK, maybe not literally on my face, as the heels of my palms and my left knee took the brunt of it, but yeah, face down. I don't think I did any major damage and was probably more stunned than anything, and -- get this -- worried that I'd hurt myself and wouldn't be able to run for a while! Wow. Now that's a Non-Scale Victory if I ever heard of one.

I simply picked myself up, made sure I could stand and walk, and continued on. I was about a quarter of the way through my route at that point. I'll be tender for a few days, no doubt, but I'm OK. And my pace and speed were consistent with my last outing, so that was good!

You can see above the damage I did over the weekend with my little free-for-all, eating-wise. I've got the junk food hangover to prove it, too. Man! It's like an exercise in masochism, the only thing I can think. I tell you, though, I feel ready to get back in the game this morning and start feeling good again. It's like a total fresh start, which I think I needed.

Anyway, well... looks like I'll be a little late for work, but here's wishing you a great day and a positive outlook.

Scratched knees and band-aids,



Erin said...

Thats awesome that you picked yourself up and continued...surely i would have called 911!!

Hanlie said...

You're doing great! My biggest fear when I fall anywhere is that I'd break something, being so heavy! And that someone would see me go down like a ton of bricks!

I really appreciate your commitment to a new healthier life. The junk food hangover is a blessing!

Anonymous said...

that is awesome! my favorite thing about exercising, after not doing it for a long time, is how it magically makes minor things hurt less. plus, the high of exercising (even if it's mild) is helpful to concentrate on real goals instead of "holy crap, who saw me fall?"

Comrade GoGo said...

Ouch! Don't forget to ice your bruises if they get too painful. Congrats on being a tough cookie!

radiosilents said...

Erin: Well, maybe if I had had an audience, I would have been a little more dramatic. ;)

Hanlie: Thanks so much! Fortunately (or unfortunately) I tend toward being clumsy and have plenty of experience with falling. So far nothing's broken yet, just bumps and bruises, thankfully!

The junk food hangover IS a blessing, you are right. It really opened my eyes last night (as I was trying to sleep with wicked heartburn) and this morning (battling to get out of bed this morning for the run).

I always appreciate your comments -- they really help keep me going. xo

Aslant: True! I was actually surprised to realize that I wasn't concerned about who might have seen me go down, but only concerned about being hurt and about interrupting my time! ;)

GoGo: I will probably do some icing when I get home from work. I took some ibuprofen that I had in my desk, which seems to help a bit. One thing I do like about myself is that I really can be a tough gal when I want to be. Thanks!

Emily M said...

you're hardcore, Amy :)

*kisses for your bumps & bruises*