Friday, April 25, 2008

Upping the Ante

Weight: 321
Total Weight loss: 29 pounds

Ugh. That's all I have to say.

No, it's not. Part of me is really mad about this, though I am not sure where that anger is directed. It's not really at myself, because I feel that I have been doing well by myself all through these past few months -- that hasn't changed. I am still committed to this. Maybe I am just mad because I don't know what my next step should be, or just mad in the way a child gets mad when it doesn't get what it wants.

I'm considering cutting my calories back a teeny bit, maybe 100 calories a day even? And see how that goes. On top of that I wonder if I should also be adding more exercise, making it a conscious effort on a daily basis rather than my current three times a week. I could take a walk on my lunch break (or even before work, same as my runs), or hit a tennis ball around out back (I have to check into the feasibility of that, though a co-worker told me it's doable), or get my bike up and running and go on bike rides on my non-running days -- that's the most desirable to me, though I must say that investigating the trails at nearly Devil's Hole Park sounds good, too.

I have a lot of options. I'd honestly rather up my exercise than cut down on my calories, but I don't want to become exercise-obsessed, either. Then there is always the old standbys of housework and yardwork, which can be made an intense workout as any at a gym.

I just really, really, really want to break through to the next level. I'm so ready to, but I wonder? Am I doing something unconsciously to sabotage myself? I'm being honest in tracking my food, but I don't know. Maybe I am eating too much at an average of 2000 calories a day.

Are you having a tough time? What steps are you taking to get through it?


Hanlie said...

I often find that an emotional blockage can cause me to stagnate. So you may want to ask yourself some probing questions and listen to what comes up. An emotional release can get things moving again. And of course there's the old standby - drink more water!

Anonymous said...

It happens a lot... I recently went through a phase of putting 2Kg back on when I thought I was doing well! Sometimes it just happens randomly, with no apparent correlation to anything else. I try to avoid looking at a gain as a problem until it's gone on for over a week (nb "try").

radiosilents said...

Hanlie: I think I will take your advice and try that! It's the only thing I can think of that is impeding my progress right now. I am already drinking about 64 oz. a day, but maybe I will also try to drink more than that.

Araqnid: I do keep track of my weight daily and see patterns as a result, but this has been playing with the same two or three pounds since the beginning of the month. I am also wondering if my body is doing some adjusting, as the running is a whole new thing for me, but still... we'll see. The important thing is that I don't give up.

Michelle said...

You are so right. The MOST important thing is that you don't give up. Tweaking your program to see the results you want will go on forever. You'll get through this.

I like your ideas. Maybe try one of them? Either cut 100 calories or add some activity to off days. I try to do something on off days but only do "fun" things, things that don't feel like exercise. I do all the things you're talking about. A walk, hike, short bike ride. I think it really helps our metabolism if we give it a little boost every day. Even a brisk 10 minute walk gets your blood moving.

And don't forget the progress you've made. Taking these steps to make changes was your biggest step and you've done that, then losing 29 pounds is incredible too. Hang in there, it'll shift.

BTW, adding the running could be part of it. You're probably retaining more water while building new muscles.

radiosilents said...

Michelle: Thank you for your comment. After thinking about it a little more, I think I choose the "more activity" option, because a) I really appreciate being able to eat as much as I do and b) I LOVE getting my body moving. Doing fun stuff on my off days just make sense.

I guess at this point I feel like as long as I keep up the habits I have developed, and keep running, I'll be fine. In the end, what the scale says really is the least important thing. ;)

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say Hi. I just found your blog. I'm doing the C25K program too but I just started.

I know that when I start exercising after a long break from it I gain or don't lose at first. I think this is because muscles need to hydrate and water weighs quite a bit. It evens out after a while but this can take up to two months but between one and two months.