Friday, April 4, 2008


Weight: 322
Total Weight loss: 28 pounds

Oh, for reals. SO glad it is Friday. All that catalog stuff at work has been giving me a headache. On top of that, our next door neighbor got a dog recently, and it howls NON STOP whenever they're not home. C. gets the brunt of it during the day, but then he's super stressed out which makes me super stressed out. So it's been a week.

Today after work I resolved to go and talk to the neighbor about it. I was afraid, but she was really nice and apologetic, and hopefully they'll figure out something. It actually sounded like she was a bit sorry about getting the dog, not realizing how much work raising a puppy is. But I am glad it is out in the open, and they can't just say that they didn't know the dog was making such a ruckus.

Phew. I know this has absolutely nothing to do with my topics at hand, but you know? It kind of does, because one of my favorite things to do when I am stressed out is... you guessed it! Eat. I've been doing pretty well with that, though, and just trying to really stick to my food "budget" and that's that. In fact, at this moment my mouth is watering at the thought of a luxurious bubble bath, so I think I'll go indulge shortly.

I have news on the finances front! Did I mention that the car is paid off? Yep. Also, I finally talked with one of my errant credit card creditors and worked out a plan that will get me current by the end of the month -- one to go! Finally, I made a sort of splurgey/useless purchase online today (an expensive pair of doll cateye glasses -- I know! Not even for me! For my dolls!), BUT also SOLD a few Japanese doll books that I don't look at anymore for the same amount of money. It's like losing weight: if I want to indulge on occasion, fine, but make damn sure that I account for it in some other way!

Very nice.

So, yeah. I'm holding out today and tonight for a food splurge tomorrow. I also have to get in my last day of Week 2 of C25K, now or never! Week 3 starts Monday.

Hang in there, kiddoes!



Emily M said...

mmm...expensive cats eyes? Takara stock or different?

radiosilents said...

Oh, it was the TF6 tortoiseshell ones. I've been coveting them forever, and since I was able to cover the cost with other doll-related items, I splurged. :P *slightly embarrassed*

It's all about accessories now, I guess. I have a pile of tiny Converses in front of me on my desk at the moment... they really inspire me!