Monday, April 7, 2008

Spring has sprung

Weight: 321.4
Total Weight loss: 28.6

The weekend seemed to wither away... I barely remember what I did, even.

Ah yes. It was a mostly nice weekend, actually, with a good variety of activities and nice balance of indulgence and recompense. We declared Saturday Treat Day, and I had my requisite pizza, a slice of nice cake from a local bakery, and candy. Ugh, right? Oh, and I know -- stop talking about triggering foods on my blog, already! My apologies if the mere mention of such foods upsets your balance. However, there is one thing to be said about the pizza portion of the day, and that is I ordered just a small pizza instead of a large (yes, even though a large is technically a better "value" -- I have to admit it kind of pained me). I think this is a great coup for me.

Another coup was that I found myself out in among the gardens later that same day, and weeded and raked and toiled for two straight hours. It was awesome. I'm quite looking forward to keeping up the gardens throughout the season; it'll be work, but think of all the bonuses as a result: beautiful flowers and plants, exercise without even thinking about it, and getting fitter as I go along. The good news is that we have just enough garden beds that it will remain a pleasure to work in them, and not become drudgery. We've got a small bed in front (which I am thinking about expanding a bit), one along the side of the house, and some bordering the backyard (again, considering expanding a bit). Along with my C25K activities, I'll be hot, sweaty, and in damn good shape come September.

C25K got put to the wayside over the weekend, I'm afraid. I feel terribly guilty about this, but at the same time I really wanted to wait until my period was almost over before trying Week 2 Day 3. Day 2 went so badly. Excuses suck, and I promise I won't make them a habit when it comes to this, but: I had to cut myself some slack. I'm going to give Day 3 a college try this evening. If it goes badly also, I will simply repeat Week 2. Otherwise, the next run will be Week 3 -- ooh! Hard core!

Yesterday was a beautiful day spent dying my hair, doing a bit of laundry, and driving out for a visit to my mom and stepdad. Mom marveled at how good C. and I look, which was nice. She patted the top of my belly and said that there was a really obvious loss in that area. Thank goodness for moms and their unwavering, reliable flattery.

Yesterday also saw a dip into the 'teens: I weighed in at 319.4. Today it's back up to 321, but I think I'll be back down right away. This is very exciting -- inching closer and closer to a "2" in front of the number on my scale.

This morning before work I took some time to sort through a big bag of clothes I had earmarked for the Salvation Army last year, thinking I would never be able to wear them again. But I hit the motherlode! Almost a whole wardrobe of clothes in the next size down. Most things should be wearable in another 20 pounds or so, which is great. I can forestall the inevitable clothes shopping spree for smaller sizes.

The coming of spring has really energized me and made me even more enthusiastic about my efforts. I hate to wish time away, but I can't wait to see what I will look and feel like over the summer!


Elaine said...

even though a large is technically a better "value"

I had to learn that the best "value" wasn't always best for me, and that it was okay not to finish everything on my plate! As someone who is perennially cheap, it was a hard lesson to learn.

Anonymous said...

I wish spring would spring here.

It was threatening to SNOW again this morning. >.<

Erin said...

I too have problems getting what is best for me and not what is best for my pocketbook!

You are doing great and all that I am jealous. Keep up the great work!