Thursday, April 24, 2008

C25K: W4D1 & D2 Success!

Weight: Unknown, as the scale wouldn't cooperate and I was running late for my EKG. But I feel really good this morning, so whatever. :)

I got my ass out of bed at 6am today, so I could fit my run in before going to my early morning appointment at the hospital for an EKG. I am wearing my holter (heart monitor) now, but barely notice it. The EKG went really quickly, and based on what they saw initially, the nurses said that it looked good, though a doctor would look at it and make the final determination. They also felt that based on my description, my palpitations are common and due to a valve that gets momentarily stuck closed or open, nothing life-threatening, so that's good. A sonogram could confirm that, apparently.

As for my run...

I neglected to report on W4D1 the other day, but it went fine for the most part. I definitely felt very challenged at the last 5 minute running segment, but I made it through. My pace and speed went up a little (got slower, that is), but I was just happy to finish and not feel like I was going to keel over, heh.

Well, I am happy to report that W4D2 was significantly better! My pace and speed is now the best it's ever been (almost down to a 15 minute mile, which I know is slllloowww for a lot of people, but I started the plan at like a 22 minute mile, so! I am very happy with that), and my cardio fitness is markedly better, judging from the way I am breathing (i.e. totally NOT dying at all!), and I am lucky that I haven't had any leg pain issues or side stitches or anything. It's probably because I go very slow, which used to bother me a little, but seeing how much I have improved already, I know my speed will just keep getting better and better, so now I am not concerned about that.

I must say, I am really looking forward to W5. I still don't know how I will manage to run 20 minutes straight, but I guess we'll see when I get there!

(And, as an encouraging note to anyone who thinks they can't do this because they're too fat, a reminder that I weigh in at around 320. Trust me, you're not too fat! Go for it!)

xo r., developing the heart of a runner


Michelle said...

I've been on WW for over a year and have lost nearly 60 pounds. Today is WI so maybe I'll hit 60. I'm doing the c25k running plan too. I do each week twice, sometimes three times depending. I'm on Week 5 and did Week 5 Day 2 yesterday. I too am peering at that 20 minute run wondering how I'll do. I'm still debating whether I'll do w5d2 again tomorrow or tackle the 20 min Day 3.

I'm glad I found your blog! You're doing so great! I'm adding you to my blog subscriptions to follow along on your progress.

btw, I had funny heart palpitations too when I was younger and got the valve response you did as well.

radiosilents said...

Thanks, Michelle! I went to your blog and really enjoyed it, too. :) I'm always happy to make a new friend.

I think you should just go for the 20 minutes -- that's what I plan to do. I don't think the plan would set us up to fail, do you? ;)